WTS 15.6mil SP Extrem CLEAN 2004 Pilot

Selling myself. Born 2004, 15.6m SP inc 1.5m unused.
some basic skills, mainly Selling as “clean Pilot”

In NPC starter corp and ready for transfer.
No killrights.
No Kills, No Losses.
Positive wallet and 0.01 sec status.
NPC standigs from +1.06 to -0.04
Located in Jita.
Remap available now + 3 bonus remaps.
1.575.255 Unallocated Skill points.


All Basic Engineering 5
All Basic Shield Skills 4-5
All Basic Armor Sskills 4-5

Ready for his new home. Extreme Clean history. Has never left her starter corp. Never done anything.
25b B/O, starting offer 20b.

I will not accept prices below 20b

Thanks for looking,

7b offer

offer will be ignored because it undercuts the minimum offer

20bil for char that cannot even fly anything? :slight_smile:

This is a 2004 character with no History, not a Ship Pilot.
This is something like a collecting object

The only thing it will be doing is collecting dust. So don’t expect to sell it Lmao

if you dont like it, dont post here

Bump up

bump up

7.5 bil

OP appears confused about the difference between a 2003 toon and a 2004.

Also korean superman seems confused about odds of getting response when necro’ing a 2 month old sale thread

Dont really care 2003/2004.
It’s still for sale. I know it.

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