[PC] How much does a Titan sitter go for these days?

~11bn to an extractor, 13-17 to someone specifically in the market for a sitter up to 18-19 if they fully value the sp and books.


Are you looking to sell?

Are you looking to buy?

11b offer

Yes I am. I’ll offer 14b

@Legit_Salesgirl Go away :wink:

@gigEX I had 15 in mind as the magic number, if that works for you.

I can do 15b

Then I can log in and move assets if any. Do you want to move him tonight?

We can do it whenever you’re ready, if you’re logging in now to move assets I can open a convo in-game if you want.

Assets are moved, am online.

ISK received, Character transfer initiated.

Character recieved.

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