PC Rig for Trippleboxing/Recording

Buying this for pvp side of game thus i put it in pvp category :3

Basically i have 3 pc rigs available and would like your opinion on
which one is the best. All 3 are somewhat the same price. As title
said i would be trippleboxing/recording and of course editing.
Two fhd monitors. Thoughts about 8 vs 16Gb Ram?

1: Intel Xeon E3 1270, RX 570 4Gb, 8Gb Ram, 120Gb SSD, 1Tb hdd
2: Intel Core i5 4670k, GTX 780 3Gb, 8Gb Ram, 120Gb SSD, 1Tb hdd
3: Intel Core i5 4460, R9 290 4Gb, 8Gb Ram, 120Gb SSD, 1Tb hdd
4: Intel Core i7 3930k, GTX 1060 3Gb, 16Gb Ram, 120Gb SSD

All options are somehow dated and basically bad…but no 4 have more ram and never GPU with a 6 core CPU.
If I couldn’t buy anything else that would be my pick.

Never do video with anything less than 24gb ram. Seriously. Rendering takes a butt ton of ram.

One rig I use for editing has 64gb ram. It’s a pro setup but long videos need power.

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