Proper PC Setup for Eve Online | Please advise on hardware

Dear Capsuleers,

I am thinking of upgrading my laptop with iGPU to something more convinient - howeve my budget is tight.

I am thinking of following combination - Goal is to play on FULL HD / 60 FPS - eve online, i am not a gamer so eve is what i will be playing. So please let me know if my suggested setups meet the goal or not.

First setup Intel Core i7 - 4790 - thats 4 cores with HT at 4GHz, 8 MB SmartCache paired with Nvidia Geforce GT 1030.

Second Setup Intel Core i5 2500 - 4 cores at 3.6 GHz paired with Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 TI.

I would save a little with that GT 1030 option so that one is preferable, if it can deliver 60 FPS in Eve on FULL HD.
Your help is highly appreciated.

What brand of computer are you going to be using? That also makes a difference.

The Intel Core i7 - 4790 Is the better CPU.

Now days it is all about core count, number of threads, processor base frequency, cache size, number of memory channels, and memory bandwidth. All of those factors combined make a difference.

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