Pc/sell 5mill exhumers 5 character

(Mila Aishai) #1


possible sell, been away for two years so just looking at what people will offer.

(Otum Kisione) #2

Send me a mail with price, I was looking for an exhm pilot few days ago, got one, mayby we can have a deal with this one.

(Votineque) #3

Bid 3.75 bil for Mila

(Mila Aishai) #4

4bill and we have a deal?

(Otum Kisione) #5

4B B/O

(Mila Aishai) #6

backing out just realised how much plex is, wtf

(Otum Kisione) #7

puff isk and acc info send
resend isk if you cancel deal, no problem for me.

(Mila Aishai) #8

■■■■ I’m so sorry didn t see this post I’ll get on and give isk back tomorrow when I’m back from work. Sending this via my phone. Sorrry!!!

(system) #9

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