PC This Toon please


Love the name.

Usually its 1bil per 1mil SP but due to the skills all over the place I’d say around the 10bil -15bil mark depending on buyer.


Mr Always Right

5.2 M Sp = 5.2 x 1 Bill
So 5.2 Bill plus you have one Bonus remap and Yearly Remap Ready in 3 months time.
You have lots of skill books injected ( extracted skills ) .
I will be said No-One You-Know was right with the Price 10 Bills to 15 Bills.
Be in you situation, I make a Auction starting at 7 Bills , reserve the character ( hide reserve price ) at 12 Bills, make the minimum bid top up 500 mils and sell it anytime aground 12.5 BIlls and more, but dont think u get more then that dude.


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