Penumbra Mission 9 questions:

(dBerchBlade Utama) #1

Greetings. I’m doing the Penumbra epic Arc, Mission 9 - Right Tool for the Job,
and have a couple questions.

  1. Is a faction fitted CNR ok to clear enemies from this mission? I can fit a MWD to get some distance if needed
  2. Survival guide says ignore (DO NOT SHOOT) Broadcast Tower Group, but I have a -5 standing with Gurista. Won’t they shoot me on sight?
  3. So my plan is: Clear with CNR, return with Claw to hack the mini-game, loot with Noctis. Make any sense?

Edited: here’s a link to the Mission in the SG:

dBerchBlade Utama

(DeMichael Crimson) #2

Mission 9 - Right Tool for the Job

Faction: Gallente Navy
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space
Damage dealt: Therm/Kin
Ewar: Web / Scram / Sensor Dampening
Recommended damage dealing: Therm (best), Kin (secondary)
Data Analyzer and Hacking skill required to complete mission (check Tip #2)

Single Pocket (2 Groups)

Broadcast Tower Group (44km)
(Mixed Fleet with 3 time based reinforcement spawns every 2 minutes) Complete Fleet after spawns :
8x Frigate (Federation Praktor Belos, Praktor Harpago)
7x Elite Frigate (Elite Federation Machina, Pelekus, Phalarica, Arcus)
5x Destroyer (Federation Arcus, Pelekus)
10x Cruiser (Federation Praktor Centurion, Praktor Legionarius)
9x Elite Cruiser (Elite Federation Arx, Auxilia, Liburna, Calo, Quadrieris)
5x Battlecruiser (Federation Praktor Bearcus, Federation Calo)
13x Battleship (Federation Covinus, Federation Praktor Phanix, Praktor Praeses, Praktor Polemo, Praktor Hexeris, Praktor Magister)

Tip : Time based spawns happen quickly. All ships will drop Gallente Navy Tags but be forewarned, negative standing hits incurred for Aggro / Ship Kill. Expect EWAR from Elite Frigates and Elite Cruisers. Probably a good idea to get help from friends before attacking this group :slight_smile:

Federation Navy Shipyard Group (63km)
1x Elite Frigate (Elite Federation Manica) Warp Scram
2x Elite Frigate (Elite Federation Matara) Sensor Dampening
5x Elite Destroyer (Elite Federation Arcus)

Warp in, ignore (DO NOT SHOOT) Broadcast Tower Group and quickly maneuver ship into range to destroy Federation Navy Shipyard Group.
No need to destroy the Broadcast Tower.
Container can’t be Hacked with defenders present, so you need to kill this group.
Can MUST be hacked AND looted in order to complete mission.
Buying 1x FedNav F.O.F. Identifier Tag AC-106V:FNSBR from the market or contracts won’t complete the mission.

Tip #2 : Use a Tech 3 Cruiser with a Mobile Depot and refit for a Emergent Locus Analyzer subsystem + data analyzer I/II on site so you don’t have to re-ship. Lvl 5 on the Electronics subsystem skill will give good hacking HP/damage to beat the mini-game.

That’s a lot of ships in the Broadcast Tower Group that will do quite a bit of Ewar, not to mention destroying them will incur a lot of Faction standing hits. I suggest doing the Blitz first, take out the Federation Navy Shipyard group, hack the container, grab the mission objective and stash it in station. Then if you want to try it before completing the mission, go back with your CNR and engage the Broadcast Tower Group.

(Zhilia Mann) #3

Try MJD instead. You want to pull range fast, not coast out. Either way, if I recall correctly you might want to bring some FoF missiles because you will be jammed. Fitting some ECCM scripted sebos wouldn’t hurt though, and with a range tank you have slots for that.


I don’t recall it being a hard hack, but you may want a Heron or something else with a hacking bonus instead of a Claw.

(dBerchBlade Utama) #5

Thank you! That is a thoughtful, helpful response. Really appreciate it. I’ll look in to using an MJD and a Heron.

What is FoF? Looked in eve glossay and did not find it.


(Zhilia Mann) #6

Ah. That’s because they’re called auto-targeting missiles now. Basically they’ll shoot the nearest hostile entity even if you don’t have anything locked. Can be useful to power through jams.

(dBerchBlade Utama) #7

Auto-targeting missiles. Interesting. Thanks.

(DeMichael Crimson) #8


Guess you didn’t like my suggestion.

(dBerchBlade Utama) #9

Sorry, it’s not that. you just didn’t answer all my questions. Cheers.

(dBerchBlade Utama) #10

Survival guide says ignore (DO NOT SHOOT) Broadcast Tower Group, but I have a -5 standing with Gurista. Won’t they shoot me on sight?


Apparently you were wrong. Whole damn space agro’d me right off. Now I’m going back for my Raven but not too hopeful. Have Claw for hacking, if I ever get to use it…

Edited: Cleared with Raven but could not hack the can. Went back for Buzzard. Upon return, rats had re-spawned. And whole site agro’d me right off. Again. WTH? Now i have to clear again. Sigh. what a pain.

(dBerchBlade Utama) #11

Fit a MJD as suggested on the CNR then patiently picked them off as they came into range. Buzzard made short order of the hacking. All done.

(DeMichael Crimson) #12

Gratz on completing the mission and may you have much success with the rest of the arc.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #13

You can do that kind of thing intentionally to milk bounties, you know. There may come a time you are doing that on purpose.

If you have hacking trained to the level needed for that mission (hacking III? not sure…) it might still take you a few tries to open the can.