Perfect JF / Perfect Trade char (remodel available)

Selling myself, offers over 25b

Has character remodel available.

All 5s for Trade skills.

All 5s for the Anshar Jump Freighter

Follows all rules of forum sale etc.

19 bil

19.5 B

20 billion

As hinted above, I could get 18B ISK from straight up brain draining her, so I can’t take 20 when I have to pay IRL cash to send her.

If she doesn’t sell this month as she is I’ll brain drain the trade skills so it’s just a JF pilot. But it’ll be a shame if anyone is looking to get a maxed trade/JF alt.



What price would you sell her for after the drain?
i’m looking for a JF pilot

15 for her as she is minus the trade/scanning skills that are currently being trained (i.e. 100% max skills for JF)

I can give you 21.5b now and am happy to wait for you to petition CCP to transfer the character to my account using PLEX. This would be better than extraction and no RL cash for you.

Could you just confirm why the eveboard shows the old Battlecruisers skill under spaceship command?

Is this character still for sale? If so I’ll throw in a 23B offer

How much would you sell her for if I only wanted the trade skills and you extracted everything else?

Is this character still for sale? This price I accept ! 25B
but can wait me to return my country and trade is for you! ok?

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