Perfect subcap! Cheap! 105mil sp = 80bil buyout

Over 8 billion in assets
105.3 mil sp

start bid = 70bil,
buyout = 80bil

anyone? if you want under 70bil, plz tell me

You need to post on the thread with the character being sold… to confirm.

Why the urgency, if I may ask?

ok. thx^^

A day ago you listed another persons character for sale and then posted this one for 60b? Post with the character for sale within the rules and might consider it.

You realize that ALL your accounts will get perma banned, if you do a character sale scam?

This is not like in game scam… real money is involved and CCP takes it very seriously.

Read the rules!

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Post with @Evil_Aura if that’s your char. But there’s much doubt. Char scamming is stupid, but trying twice using the same char is just plain…

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