Perrigen Falls description, and rogue drone binary

One of the most mysterious things to me is the rogue drone binary. Whenever I paste it into a decryptor, I always get random, weird characters. For example, the Perrigen Falls region (main drone reigon) description is this:

But when I paste it into a decryptor, I get this:
Iterate ièÊäÂèÊ@Òè•É

I see the “Iterate” at the beginning of the statement, but the rest is gibberish.
Also, when you complete a Rogue Drone site, you will occasionally get some binary, but when attempted to translate it, I get the same gibberish. Could someone please explain what is going on, or if I might be doing something wrong? Or maybe it was meant to be gibberish all along, and CCP has just left us in suspense, scratching our heads and wondering?

Please reply with anything you have, as I find this very interesting.

pasting the binary there gives back:

Iterate iterate iterate iterate iterate iterate iterate

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Well, guess iterate iterate iterate iterate iterate is the description for Perrigen Falls

Rogue Drones are very plodding creatures.

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