Personal budget warfare

when you are in a big player group and they start a war wat kind of isk back up do you need to have so you can support this war in buying ships for your losses

Having enough isk to buy 2 of every doctrine ship you fly should be plenty since you’ll get srp I assume.


Usually 2-3 of each of the doctrines to be used in the war. Most bigger groups give srp for doctrine ships based on certain fittings which will help you replace losses to keep fighting.

As a rule of thumb on average I fly ships that are no more then 1/5th of my ISK buffer. So if I got 2 bil as a buffer I keep the cost around 400mil per boat. I also have a bunch of ships already stored so losses don’t immediatly effect me.

Between that 1/5th buffer rule, insurance payout, having a pile of warmachines al ready to go and likely a reasonable SRP in place it be hard to get in trouble financially.

Depends on the expected life of the ship. If you fly cepters a lot, get like 100 of them cause in a busy month you can burn through those fast. They’re good at their job, but it’s a… er… high risk occupation.

If you’re flying battleships, those are usually a one-and-done kind of thing. You fly it out for a strategic objective and either win or lose. If you win, you’ll probably not even sit in it for another 2-10 weeks.

For us, T3Ds are a big part of our doctrine. Love them. They’re reasonably cheap, very effective. They can pop pretty fast though if they end up biting off more than they can chew, so I keep about 10 of those ready to roll.

Plus… if you have extras, you can be the hero that says “oh you didn’t get your doctrine ships? Here, it cost me X isk - open trade with me”. Promise your corp leadership will like you more for that.