War economics?

How does the cost of war for the individual players in EVE get handled? Especially the big wars (like the one just concluded).

I’ve seen the youtube videos saying how in the past there were casinos in EVE that financed wars, then the big corps issued war bonds. But how does that money flow down to the individual players in the conflict? (if at all)

The massive loss of ships in these conflicts is staggering. Is that cost borne solely by the individual players fighting? Or do the corps or alliances pay for it?

For example, if I were a part of the recent war, in a fleet, would I be expected to bring my own Tengu (for example) to a confrontation? And if so, if it gets destroyed is it my cost to bear, my responsibility have the finances to replace it, and in fact my task to take time out from the war to acquire a new ship?

Or do the combat pilots get reimbursed for their ships? Even ship replacement by the corp or alliance they are fighting for?


Many corps finance the wars they are involved in, with smaller corps often being financed by the corp CEO.

You should check with your corporation leadership to see if there’s a ship replacement program, or if Corp members pay their own costs.

If there is a ship replacement program, it’s probably not going to cover a Tengu. Typically, it’s the T1 hulls that are covered by an SRP (but again, every Corp is different)


I have been in plenty that cover T3C all depends on the doctrine and SRP provided

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Most corps offer some sort of SRP for doctrine ships lost in strategic fleets. Obviously this depends on the corp though.

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As it is in the intetest of corps and alliances that their members can afford to show up at fights of strategic importance, the alliance/corp will often pay a large part of the value of doctrine ships lost during those fights back to the player, called Ship Replacement Program, or SRP.

So while a small amount of the cost may be supplied by the individual players, a majority of the war cost is paid by alliances.

This – either a pilot pays for his first ship, and gets reimbursed when he loses it, or fleets are in hand-out ships provided by corp.

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So how did the war bonds worked? Someone gives ISK to a corp, and gets confirmation that is now an owner of a bond? What it gives? Interest rates? Buyout when? What are guarantees?

That’s the billion isk question. Will the bonds be paid back per terms of the issue?
(I don’t know what the terms are)

Most likely as the issuers’ name would be mud if they didn’t (even in a game like EVE).

I guess that’s all worked out in the program

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