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Borgdude wrote:
“So seek out Imiarr Timshae for all your problems with agent standings you won’t regret it!!”

Our freelance missioner agency of 100+ pilots provides personal standing increases via the fleet mechanics for clients. Our business is personal standings only, for example “Caldari Navy > Your Name”

We can sometimes provide faction standings on an individually negotiated basis.

We can raise your standings for any/all empire NPC corporations with security agents in high sec, from Amarr Navy to Zainou, including SoE.

Current Manager/Point of Contact for all matters : Imiarr Timshae

Please contact me with any standings questions you may have!

  • Bear in mind - During this service the client will accumulate a considerable amount of LP and ISK. The LP (and ISK) is yours to keep - from 0 > 6 is about 140k LP average and around 120mil ISK. A testimonial on page 6 went from 0 > 8 and finished with 231k LP. [/b]

  • If you have any question/s about this business or about standings mechanics/how to fix your standings mail me. I’m happy to help anyone with anything standings related.


Q How do you accept payment?
A I take payment in advance, in single stages or in multiples. Or for the whole job if you prefer. For example if I am starting to do 0 > 1, I take 150m, and when you reach 1 I charge 1 > 2, being 200m.

Q Why should I trust you with my money?
A Because I’ve been doing this for eleven years. You are welcome to read the forum thread before we got this weird messageboard thing:

Q Do I get charged less if I already have standings?
A Yes. If you have 0.50, we only charge you 50% of 0 > 1. This is true at any level. 6.89 > 7.00 is 11% of 6 > 7 and so forth.

Q Can you link me the excellent standings FAQ you posted on Page 6?
A Sure!

Q How does the service work?
A You are in fleet with me while I complete missions! This can either be via a fleet you create a fleet advert for me to join, or vice versa, or just manually where I invite you when I am online.

Q Do I need to be in the same system/constellation/region as you?
A No, you can be anywhere, even wormhole space.

Q Are you booked right now? Is there a waiting list?
A TSCA is not a single man operation. It’s an Agency. I operate it but we have dozens of mission runners all over the world. I am usually busy doing admin work but we have freelance mission runners who just love standings boosting :slight_smile:

Q Do I get bounties and rewards and LP?
A You get a split of the LP and the mission reward, but not bounties unless you are in the mission.

Q Do I keep them?
A Yes! Our prices are adjusted for this. The LP is yours to spend as you see fit, as is the ISK in your wallet. There are services which can purchase LP from you if you don’t want to deal with it.

Q How do you check my standings gain for payment?
A We use the Eve ESI with We also track your standing via complicated spreadsheets.

Q Do I see standings updates in real time?
A No. Because the missions are not yours, you do not see your standings update in real time. If you relog, it will update, or it will update randomly throughout the day.

Q What timezone are you in/do you operate in?
A I’m English currently residing in the UK. Eve time is best. However I am not a single person. Our Employees number in the dozens and are in Belgium, Iceland, the US, France, Holland, Malaysia etc.



sent you a pm (well email via eve gate) as I can’t see a forum message feature

thanks in advance


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PM me please. I sent you a note already

Service is real, and real good. Just completed moderate increase with Core Complexion Inc, which is a rather obscure corp with REALLY crappy possible agent availability below level 4. Despite this the process was painless and timely. I’m quite satisfied.

I’ll be keeping these guys in my contacts in case I need something else… This is how to get quickly setup for epic arc rotation. Get these guys to run the four epic arc corps to 5 and every 3 months enjoy an invisible boost to empire standings.

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How much would it cost for a slight boost in Amarr faction standing?

Are you guys still active?

service is still running?

We can’t sell faction standing!

To everyone else : Yes we’re still active!

I took a week’s holiday away from home and because CCP removed Eve Gate I no longer have a way to check my evemails from outside the game, so I couldn’t keep up with requests. We’re back to standard service now :slight_smile:

Just got boosted to 3 caldari navy rating :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this service still available or active?

This dead?

Ayy, I messaged him yesterday and he hasnt gotten back to me. Asking myself the same question.

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I would like a few to go from 1.0-5.0 please let me know when.

Pretty sure the service is dead. I’ve mailed a lil while back and still haven’t heard anything. Shame to really could have used this. :c


The owner been arrested by faction police agents due to falsification of standing results after abandoning missions in high sec. There are talks that Guristas spies sold this info to State Protectorate Intelligence… A few folks from Brutal Tribes said they have heard a man’s name like his in one of the convoys following to remote prison in low sec.

I like the canon that I’ve been arrested but no, the service is still running, just very very sporadically.

The playerbase of veterans running missions (which is a requirement for the speed and commitment needed for a service like this) have dropped massively over the last 12 months, and recruitment isn’t helping.

The highsec missioning community in general is diminishing. CCP has gutted the standing system to prevent players from performing standings calculations. I got a new job.

There have been various things which have impacted this service. Some of which will impact them on an ongoing basis. The new job has settled down, I can be active more now, but where previously all standings service was performed because if I had no missioners, I personally did it, I now have work commitments which will prevent me from running missions dozens of hours per week.

As such we will continue - smaller capacity until CCP does something to increase the playerbase demographic that we rely on and sporadic service, if a missioner isn’t available I can’t personally step in to do it any longer.

Apologies for the lack of clarity. Thanks for bearing with me.

Glad you’re still around, we were all worried! Best of luck with all the things!

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i think one great problem is the agency. Myself drop my missions near to zero.

Thank you so much :smiley: