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I get frustrated a lot trying to figure out how to get better loot without doing big fleets all the time. I think it would be something you should consider since ninja looters in big pve content right now renders it pointless. Most of us aren’t getting much.

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Then get better at EVE. Do ninja looting yourself, find a better corp, stop hiding in highsec and shoot the attempted looters before they can do anything.

… shoot them

Shoot the loot.

I have done this before.

Welcome to eve.

The whole point of eve is a competitive environment. It is not an ‘everyone gets a medal’ game. It’s a ‘survival of the fittest’ game. The fastest, strongest and smartest get the best rewards.

Stealing is very much a part of eve, the general rule being that nothing really belongs to you unless you can protect it. Shoot the looters or make sure you get it first.

Adapt. If the ninja looters are getting all the loot, and the loot is what’s important to you, then become one yourself!

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if you are looking for better loot then missions are not the way to go, missions only give larger amounts of the same loot.

better mods drop from faction/dead-space overseers/officer rats
faction rats can spawn in any belt / anomaly or escalation signature.
Dead-space overseers are guarantied spawns in DED rated complexes
Officers will spawn in vary high Trusec (null -.9 -1.0)
there are also Trig filaments, they can be vary lucrative

there are plenty of ways to find the better loot. the agency is a great starting block for you, just be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone to get these great mods

Yea I guess I’m just not used to how the systems work yet.

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