Personal Shareable storage - make it paid addon or omega only

I know others have posted this but want to post it again to keep it visible.

The key is not corp hangers, this does not work even if your a corp member and want your own shareable storage, you as a member cant have ownership and leaders of corp can ultimately take your stuff.

But to make it worth the time, make it Omega only or an add on like Multiple Character Training.

Adding storage to Upwells would be easy, and apply the access list to it. (non-corp based)
or add access list to personal hangers.

With multiple accounts and close trusted friends, this would be very valuable

  • multi-account owners to be able to manage and access assets from all accounts
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I think this would lead to tons of crap being added to the DB because the more convientent it is to store stuff the more people will store.

Therefore it should be tied to RL cash via plex.

X Plex per 1 Million M3 per Month


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