Petition for CCP to name one of their new moon minerals after Leonard Nemoy

Posted on behalf of Jurius Doctor

"I, Jurius Doctor, and the undersigned, petition Crowd Control Productions (dba CCP Games) to label of the presently unnamed planetary fracking ores “Nemoyvite” in honour of Leonard Simon Nemoy, RIP.

I can think of no more fitting honour to the memory of a man who has played a great of science fiction, and who, on the destruction and rebirth of a planet, played a character immortalized by his return from the dead. Who has, in his personal life, forwarded the arts through photography, writing, music, and charitable works.

Further, if CCP is so willing, I would posit we should name a moon or planet in EVE in his honour."


Isn’t it Leonard Nimoy?

Seriously Reddit…


Don’t care enough to spell his name right but care enough to name a virtual space rock after him. Not sure what I’m supposed to think.


The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one…to spelll my name correctly,apparently.

Leonard Nimoy


With all respect, I think they should name them within the Eve Lore.


We are 23.000 years into the future in a star system far far away. Don’t think anyone would remember whom Leonard Nimoy was.

Anyway. It’s a dangerous road to start traveling cause who else would be qualified for a place and who should make that decision?


They could always name the mineral Vulkanite.



Also, 23k years in the future, but the game is full of ancient names of nordic history. So naming something after Mr. Nimoy shouldn’t really be an issue. The argument about his name being forgotten is silly.


No one in New Eden speaks English either, but we still RP in English mostly and we even make IC (In-Character) jokes and puns that rely on English vocabulary, grammar, pronunciations, spellings, cultural context, etc. Sooo yeah, as an actual roleplayer, I don’t see any problem with a name like Nimoyvite. Obviously in lore and RP it wouldn’t be named after Leonard Nimoy the 20th-century actor and photographer, it’d be named after a vaguely similar figure at most—more likely named after nothing in particular. Just there for OOC (Out-Of-Character) recognition and appreciation.


this suggestion makes me physically sick.
really kids. what a completely ■■■■ idea.