Petition to bring back Siphon Units

CCP ■■■■■■ up the first implementation of Siphon units.

I think they are a really cool gameplay factor, and the idea of infiltrating an enemy base without them noticing is very cool.
There are already multiple Ideas around cloaked Siphons extracting fuel or production materials/isk from a citadel. Why not implement this? The Idea fits great for eve and into the dark universe.

Maybe we can discuss some ideas about a fair implementation here. I think the cloaky approach is really good. once anchored (1-2min) (max 200km from citadel) , the siphon is cloaked and will be decloaked once a ship comes near. It will be suspect on decloak so everybody can attack it. This would lead to professional griefers and professional siphon cleanup teams :slight_smile:
The maximum amount that could be stolen could be limited maybe by sec status.

if you want to scoop the unit, you have to fly into citadel range, so this might lead to some funny engagements, too. (if the siphons could only deployed by industrial ships there would be a great risk there^^)
If the owner notices it, he can fly around and try to decloak the siphon. (decloak radius can be 20km instead of 2.5) Or maybe there is a station module to find siphons or to give resistance against siphons.
The siphon could also reguarly decloak every 2 hours for a minute to send a small drone to the station… idk what would be the best idea, but the idea of the siphon fits so well to eve…

I dont know…, let me hear your ideas and sign the petition ^^


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This is not good, since decloaking radius becomes not universal.

Would it work, if you keep decloak radius at 2.5km, but siphon must be anchored in tethering range?

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ISD should move this to Features & Ideas sub-forum.

It’s easy to check out un-attended opposite-timezone player structures.

ESI knows all: it would have to not report what a siphon is doing. The structure browser also: if it said 30 days of fuel remained, this could not change after a siphon was attached.

If it returned, it most likely would be visible, but out of range of citadel weapons. An on-grid visible 24h reinforcement timer would be good, to encourage conflict.

The more new or unique features an idea has, the less likely CCP builds it. They haven’t forgotten Siphons, might not be ready to look at this since they still aren’t done developing and tweaking new structures: old POS haven’t been removed yet; they’ve hinted at a smaller structure still to come.

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Infiltrating an enemy base only works well if it’s a short everyone is online thing.

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