Phaedrus Vokan, documentarian of the glory of the Empire

I grew up a commoner, aspiring to assist the empire in whatever way I could. I found my purpose as someone who could spread the good word and show the galaxy what the brave citizens of the empire were up to and was elevated to capsuleer for it. Soon after I began flying in the company of the
imminent Elkin family. Arsia taught me nearly everything I know about ship to ship combat.

She literally lead me to my first ever victory of heretics. To this date all because of her I have killed 624 enemy ships to a loss of only 126.

Since then I’ve documented our adventures and many glorious victories as often as I could on my holocast: “Through Amarr’s Eyes”.

Lately I’ve found there is much to document and feel my duty to the lord is to offer my abilities to any that fight for Amarr.

If any friends of Amarr wish… I would be happy do document their doings for posterity. Just send me a message. For what are heroic, glorious deeds if they go unknown?

What follows is an example of what I do.


Always strange to see myself in pictures…


About the only picture you would see of me in this context is running away in an Indy ship.

But , yes , for some reason seeing myself in pictures is strange. Mirrors too.

Somehow the picture in the mind , and the tangible reflection outside of the mind , are not the same.

This sounds like a wonderful avocation ! :smiley:


Tonight was another glorious evening for the empire.

In this image you can see our leader Arsia (the harby in the middle) diving in on the enemy (entire fleet top right)


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