Phantomite - Lowsec is still here and so am I - CSM16

So what are your thoughts on the new changes. My instinct is this has some positives, but also some massive negatives. I think this is a massive nerf to ceptors and I’ll be honest I don’t really get what the point of that is. I feel that CCP instead of iterating are just taking a sledgehammer to it and pushing that square peg through a hexagonal larger issue. I don’t personally really think travel ceptors are a massive issue. Yes they are annoying, but not oppressive. I do appreciate though that it does give options to other hulls and I am looking at this through a very specific lens.

It seems to promote static turgid gate camping gameplay, rather than a dynamic roaming one. While I appreciate this a gameplay style, it not particularly an engaging one. Losing ceptors when roaming often ends the roam and they are not exactly hard to kill and it prevents or makes it much harder for the small group to fight the larger.

Regards the warp core change, at face value it seems great, but suddenly we have a module that is +3. A lot of ratters actually only go for 1 or 2 stabs and this almost feels like a buff despite, the done bandwidth change. I don’t think I’m it’s current guise it’s going to be much of a benefit at all. There is the opportunity to bump said AB Ishtar and hope they don’t get out in the 10s, but as we all know that can be hit or miss lol

More than happy to be corrected on the above if I have it wrong!

Sorry to not give a proper answer yet, but i’ve been expressing some sentiments to CCP through the day today, and I hope for some significant change. Stand by.

I was not able to run this year unfortunately, but if you were thinking of voting for me at all, please vote for Phantomite instead. He and I share many many views together and speak on a regular basis.

I’ve recently been talking with Isaac about some items of concern to him, and his supporters - and while we don’t have identical viewpoints, he did bring up things that DON’T need changing.

We’ve seen some awkward changes recently surrounding nullification that no-one was crying out for, and it raises a good point.
Change for change’s sake is usually a bad idea. One area of concern raised is wardec mechanics. I agree that parts of the current system such as needing to own structures to be wardec-vulnerable is a decent system.

After these conversations I will always be on the lookout for proposed changes that are not needed, to try and catch them early.

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I think Phantomite is a nice person who knows their stuff and will have them on my ballot.

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Thank you!!

Hi Phantomite. You have my vote, and further I have added you to my List of Endorsements. Best of luck to you.

Hey thank you so much! I really enjoyed our conversations so far, looking forward to more on the next CSM Royale!

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Tomorrow I will be itnerviewed by CCP at 19:45, and then at 21:00 I will be a “contestant” on CSM Royale II with DTM!

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Added link to CCP interview in main post!

I heavily endorse Phantomite as a person who i was lucky enough to roam with him and speak to him. Ideas that Phantomite proposes will make Lowsec a better place for those willing to come and get the content they wish and make Lowsec a new home for many Pilots!

Phantomite for CSM!

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This guy does things and you will like it


Ah good, the computer people are on my side!

I have posted my recommended ballot!

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Obviously, voting is currently down… when it’s up, i’ll be linking a pre-filled link if you wish to go with my suggestions.

Voting is live!
Click through to see my recommended list, and to click a vote link!

Sorry it’s so late, but I endorse Phantomite for CSM 16!
(I’m the idiot from A Bad Show for Bad People).

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Phant is a good guy who knows his sh*t. well worth the re-election :wink:

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