Phantomite for CSM 15

I am Phantomite from Same Great Taste, a Lowsec Solo, Small gang, Big fleet and Capital PvP veteran.
I have had a long history grown natrually from a wide-eyed newbie, attracted by stories of huge battles and lucrative opportunities for power and gain.
Almost immediately I became addicted to PVP - cheap frigates fitted terribly, making friends that I still have from day one to this day who helped me to understand.
Over the years I moved from solo and small gang to join larger organisations, growing with them, growing to lead myself as an FC, growing to understand fittings and tactics to create my own doctrines and strategies.

I stand for adding complexity back into areas it has been removed, and rewarding attackers and defenders for careful planning and smart execution.

The players need a fresh advocate who brings a deep knowledge of ship fittings, fleet command tactics and wider strategy to CCP through the CSM.

Choosing me for CSM will give valuable, independent non-bloc experience in these areas where there is historically a balance tipped towards the issues favoured by very large groups.

Stagnation from years of very few or very small changes have left the game stale and static. Players are promised epic wars on a giant scale in trailers but arrive in a universe where there is no incentive to venture beyond your home, as there are no rewards.

There’s no incentive to attack to gain something valuable, and nothing of value to lose to prompt a violent defense.

I have been writing my thoughts on specific aspects of the game on my website - here’s some of the articles you’ll find at

  • Where’s my war: Content Drivers - on the loss of the biggest content drivers that used to create ultra violent conflict

  • Where’s my war: Meaningless lines on the map - on the effect of Upwell structures on FW, the nutrients that spur lowsec activity

  • Where’s my 4D chess: Everyone gets a car! - on what we lost when we moved from Triage Carriers to FAX

  • Where’s my 4D chess: Jobs for all or jobs for one? - on the loss of depth in Capital and Supercapital balance

  • Where’s my 4D Chess: Location, location, location! - on what we lost upon the removal of limitations on structure location

Join my discord to help my campaign and speak with me!

Vote for my fresh perspective. I’m ready to push hard for a game that everyone can see improvements in.
You can expect me to push hard to give players much more ability to benefit from clever gameplay.


LETS GO PHANT - +1 for the little guy representing


Phant for CSM!

Flown with Phant a little while now and this guy knows his stuff, deffo +1 for the little to med guy and a huge +1 for LS changes!!!

My name is Atom Deathstroke. I am a ■■■■ poster, coalition director and head diplomat for Fwaming Dwagons, and an actual space Jew, and I support this candidate.

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I’ve known Phantomite for about a dozen years. We’ve often disagreed on the “right” solution for something, but I can’t recall many occasions where his arguments and suggestions weren’t well thought out, measured and borne of genuine desire for the best.

Whilst I am, obviously, never wrong - I will concede that he is often right.

Absolutely no hesitation supporting him.

I endorse phantomite , he is a good person and been around a long time. He is very old so will fit in with the rest of CSM that actually stays.

I’ve known, flown and talked with Phantomite for 6 years or so, and fully endorse him as a candidate. He is intelligent, very knowledgeable and experienced, well spoken, and will be effective at communicating his thoughts, ideas and feedback to CCP as a member of the CSM.

Big +1.

I’ve had the (mis)fortune of knowing phantomite for probably over 10 years now, from failheap to alliances ingame during and afterwards.

He’d make a valuable addition to the CSM, so if you want to make a difference you should consider him.

He tackled my still neutral link alt back in 2015 1 day after I joined alliance and almost blew it up +1, knows what he’s doing

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I love Phantomite.

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I am a huge advocate for the return of the T1 close range battlecrusier as a viable gang!


Vote for Phantomite if you want a more intelligent and engaging capital meta.

Phantomite is a good man and I think he’d be great for the CSM

Thank you, guys. I trust myself more than I trust anyone else to get this DONE, to push on the correct issues.

Looking forward to working with you, Phantomite.

So much possibility with the right goals, looking forward to working with you too Brisc!

I endorse this message/service/candidate.

This is all.

Phantomite offers this year’s opportunity to bring representation to many players that care for the long term health of the game, keeping challenge and aspirations alive. If you care about Eve and he isn’t on your ballot it’s really time to wake up, read some of the notes posted and consider what type of game you’d like to log in to in a years time.


Another PvP Candidate from Nul - not my cup of tea.

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