Phantomite for CSM 15

I’m not sure where you get that idea, friend. I live almost exclusively in lowsec, and I occasionally take nullsec excursions to play with bubbles.

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He literally lives in lowsec and does Filament roams to null :thinking:

Phantomite has my wholehearted endorsment as I am not allowed to run for CSM myself.

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For a better universe (with passive moon) vote Phantomite :cat:

but i have a question for you aswell, about that actually, how the passive moon V2 should work ?

Year ago Nullbloc could defend them pretty easilly even if they were on the other side of the galaxy, it’s pretty much the same for Athanor with their 3timer even if POS was way more tanky
i guess if CCP try to reintroduce passive moon on athanor without removing 1 timer (or more) null bloc will eventually expand and conquer more territory without spreading their bloc in order to defend 'em

what your trough about that ?

Any alliance level asset will definitely need to reward a vigilant, watchful owner to give an incentive to live close by. Siphons were a brilliant idea on paper, but the execution left something to be desired.
You don’t want one guy in a slippery ship to be able to wear an attacker down by plinking and then running away repeatedly - but you also don’t want to allow the asset to essentially be fully autonomous when it comes to attempted interference.

Exactly what an alliance level asset would look like is impossible to say without real talks with CCP. It may not be a return of the passive moon, it may be something completely new - or it might be a mixture of solutions.

Either way, I know exactly what the game cries out for:
An asset worth fighting over, as both an attacker and a defender, repeatedly, with minimal contrived busy-work.

------- Shortage phase -------
Re-distribution phase
Dynamic distribution phase

An asset worth fighting over, as both an attacker and a defender, repeatedly, with minimal contrived busy-work

it seem CCP want to push Nullbloc to fight for ressource, do you think it’s an attempt to create " An asset worth fighting over" or mining isn’t an alliance asset sufficiently encouraging

my bet is that CCP consider the lack of “player asset” in their NS bloc or LS space, like ore mining/moon/anom rat might encourage their alliance to fight over space and that’s probably why they nerf ore anom and probably moon in the future, if the linemember can’t farm why not moving ? in lesser populated area (after Dynamic distribution phase)

personally i don’t think something like that will work, players will probably consider that like a nerf and nothing else, any alliance won’t get anything directly unlike passive moon or removing asset safety

i ask that because it’s probably what CCP think and will respond if we propose any form of passive income for alliance

Because of recent events, I will also be at some stage asking CCP to publish the reimbursement policy and then to give an update on how well enforcing it is going.

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If you can provide documented cases organically of brainlets getting their stuff back it will add credence to your platform.

You know that’s impossible as only CCP can verify the veracity of such claims themselves, and they won’t. If you read the threads on reddit, you can see very many people claiming to have automatically recieved reimbursements without even asking - if I can get in to the CSM, this type of information may be able to be finally verified to us and action can be taken.

Just to give a little detail from the current CSM on this:

The only thing that the CSM can do in these cases is to wave them in the direction of the Player Experience team, to let them look into it.

In general, they do not comment back on them. They’ll quite happily talk about policy and process, but generally not individual cases.

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And with good reason: private communications with the development team by individual players is submitted from the player account, and may contain personal data from the individual submitting the ticket. This falls under protected information, so CCP should not be discussing individual cases. Good on them for sticking to that.

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Please describe your views on the state of abyssal PVP and your position on what should/should not be changed.

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Should add a 3v3…

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Are you actively gathering and campaigning for others that are not sov blocs in order to dilute their overwhelming influence on the CSM?
No offence to the blocs but I really dont think having half the candidates all from one coalition is in any means actually a ‘good thing’… especially when it makes three thirds to four quarters of the CSM nullsec sov speakers.
Though some recent changes have been quite good… but i may have missed something…

I am speaking with people every day from low and nullsec regarding the role of Caps and the issues with missing conflict drivers. At the same time, most people have some additional input which strengthens my views.
As you know, I am independent and absolutely ready to bring a fresh perspective!

Phantomite for CSM 2020 !!!


What the game really needs right now is increased content drivers and income sources for PVP focused small-medium scale alliances, Phantomite has a lot of experience in leading these alliances and wants to push for changes to systems such as passive moon mining, as such, I will be voting for him and hope everyone else will too! :wink:


Thank you so much everyone <3

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Got my vote, Hes been around a long time to have the game knowledge and know how to fix whats been broken for so long.

And will not say good job just for the heck of it, you gotta earn that good job praise.

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My video for CSM 2020 is up!


Hello, I’m Dreader. Through no fault of my own, I’ve been a low-sec alliance leader for many years. I’ve been here for the highs and lows of this game, theres a good chance dear reader we’ve shot at each other with spaceships or flown them together. I’ve just got one thing I’d like to say; vote for Phant.