Phantomite - Lowsec is still here and so am I - CSM16

I genuinely hope your right, but I’m not convinced at the moment. There is a huge band of casual people who this is going to effected massively. These are the people that sub their Accts and love to play Eve, but have RL to contend with. They are not going to go back to flying T1 ships and if CCPs plan is for them to plex to make up this shortfall, then I think they are wrong and they will go and do something else rather than spend more. This means less people in space and people who are more risk averse.

Eve’s PVE other than Abyssal isnt particularly engaging. Making us do more of it is pretty painful. The thrill of this game for me is being on an oppressive defense grid, in a ship that actually has a chance of surviving and getting a few kills etc. I have also seen you guys consistently punch above your weight in CAPS etc, which is going to be expensive from this point forward.

I genuinely don’t understand why CCP continues to make changes to oppress a play style that takes skill in favor of anchoring and pushing F1. High skill for 1 person, low skill for all the others and arguably you are just ganking each other in some WW1 attritional fashion. I suppose though this is just a continuation of them cancelling events such as the Alliance Tournament etc. More and more mechanics are pushing us to join bigger and bigger groups, which in my view is a bad thing. it’s very easy to become lost and be one of those guys that just logs in for a ping.

I don’t know what the answer is and wish you luck in trying to help CCP find it. I don’t subscribe to the view that eve is for the bittervets, but a serious increase in ship hull costs is just going to extend the gulf between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. Ps you already had my vote, but thankyou for the response above.

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I do not want ships to be unaffordable.
An issue being addressed was the fact that Caps/Supercaps used the exact same materials as regular T1 subcaps, meaning CCP could exercise no control over supply/demand of them without harming t1 subcap prices at the same time.
I want to see CCP provide income opportunities AND material availability that gives regular ships a reasonable price tag, while making caps/supercaps rely heavily on far more areas of space collectively.
If I am re-elected, personal income sources (or the lack of) that do not require being part of a large group are one of my main priorities.

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What was your feedback on the suspect for neutrals change in FW plexes? Because this axed one of the income sources for solo players, clone soldier tags.

When I started in lowsec years ago, I had two income sources: 1) killing FW mission bombers, 2) shooting clone soldiers / selling tags.

Both points are gone without a replacement.

I have never viewed Clone soldier tags as an adequate solo income. Lowsec needs more viable options (that specifically do NOT require that you join a large group to accomplish!)
Perhaps you can expand a little, i’m missing something about how the suspect flag stops you from killing clone soldiers?

Yes, you are missing the full picture. Have you followed the price chart of transporter tags since the flagging was changed? Compared to the price during the last 7 years. The calculation is quite simple, taking away demand for sec status repair, drives the value of tags down.

You talk a lot about the little guy income sources, but seem to have no clue about this topic.

I disagree. I think I have some extremely good deep level views on income sources.

Show it. You know I’m a “hardcore” solo player with only one char, and was using solo income sources my whole EvE life.

Is there anybody who has ever been on the CSM you do like? lol

I like everybody except you. :slight_smile: But I don’t like and oppose positions who directly negatively effect my gameplay as you might have figured.

big support from RSA for our boy phanto

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This man will get my vote.
If you live in lowsec, then you should deffinetly vote for this man.

<3 Thank you!

I feel like i’ve been hauling a rock up a ladder, and I don’t want to waste that effort from this last year.
It’s clear at this stage that it takes more than one year to get key concerns addressed.