Photon QOL suggestions (dragging, contrast)

Dragging links into chat box
I’ve noticed that with the new UI, the available real estate for me to drag and drop a name or station link into chat is smaller than the visible area of the chat field. This causes the drag-and-drop to fail often, even though I’ve released the cursor over the chat field.

Contrast issues
Sometimes I have trouble finding which window I’m on, or which part of the window to use because of low contrast. The divider lines in various windows appear to only be a pixel wide and almost the same color as the background.
For example, I tend to drag and drop items from my jump freighter into my personal assets hangar in the sidebar when docked. Because my hangar also has station containers that will gobble up anything I drop there, I’ve learned that I can drop the item along the top border of the hangar window and that will count as me dropping it in the box. But with the new UI, it all looks the same and it’s very hard to tell where I should place my cursor.

Rethink compact mode
This doesn’t fit with the small improvements theme of this post, but I’ll echo other criticisms of compact mode. Specifically, how the hangar/cargo space UI collapses in a way that doesn’t show the available m3. It’s less of a compact UI that eliminates the profoundly abundant negative space than it is a “cleaner” UI with less information.

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It’s all but impossible to see the next gate on my route in the overview as the yellow color is all but indistinguishable from all the white gate icons. Literally any other color would be better.

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