phpBB 3.2 EVE SSO / ESI extension [beta]

Thanks for the work on this.

A question - What will happen if I install this mod on a phpBB board with already existing users (the board used the default phpBB auth and Cyerus’ mod)?

I assume that the existing users will no longer be usable? Is there any way to migrate these users to the new extension so when they login with EVE SSO, they will be recognized as the same users (if they previously used Cyerus’ mod to register)?


Hello everyone! I’m building up my corporation forum and i would like to obtain the authentication using the EveSSO auth.
When i enter in the panel control pf the phpBB forum i have the option to use eve sso authentication to login but something is going wrong, the message i obtain when i test the login is this:

{“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“The callback URI doesn’t match the value stored for this client”}

I’ve set che the Client ID and the secret that i obtained into the developer page of EVE, the user agent is: phpbb_evesso {link to the forum}
And the callback is set to: https://{forum link}/forum/app.php/authevesso/login (as suggested by the administration panel)

Can someone help me?

There have been changes to the SSO server, it’s more strict now.
The version tagged 1.2.7 should work again.

User will be migrated, but only regular ones, no admins. I suggest making all admins regular users and promote them again after they logged in once. Not migrating admin users solely based on the character name is a security measure I think is necessary.