PI administration improvement

I mean another colomn where you can put a name of the installation , of that planet .

I think it will a lot , the players , who make pi

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What are you asking to be added to the list? Ability to name your PI location?

Yeah that would be a handy feature to have. Naming PI planets by what you’re currently harvesting on them, or by what manufacturing you have set up there.

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I could personally see a great use for that considering that I was at one point in time managing 12 PI outputs. I just used a non-game piece of paper on when to pick up and what to restock every day…

you can only put one per planet and the planet name is already there. there are definetly bigger issues to be worked on, both with pi and ui

That still doesn’t mean that the idea itself is bad, which is the point of this thread.

no just that the people that would be involved in it have bigger fish to fry

Ofc, but how does that contribute to the discussion of the idea?

having a bigger fish to fry doesn’t make the small catch invalid.

no one said it did… you guys do understand some one can point out an issue with implementation without being innately against an idea right?

Your response made it seem like you did, though. I mean, no harm done in pointing it out, but the discussion regarding the implementation should be left to the developers imo since they know how things are structured on the back- and frontend.

my response only pointed out that the priority of such a thing would be lower than most other things and simultaneously bumped the post -.-. if i thought it was something irrelevant i simply would have just ignored the post and let it sink further down

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