PI buyback of my corp is 90% Jita. Good or bad?

No. It’s a question of the price being good or bad, and nothing else. You only interpret more into it than there is.

Do you even know who put up the corp buy orders? No, you don’t. So you’re definitely swinging at windmills.

Sure, here’s the answer to your overly simplified question: That price sucks, bad. One can sell their PI themselves in the best trade hub they can find for it, when prices are decent (ie not in a through) and using sell orders. They get 100% of tradehub average/near peak sell value. 90% of instant Jita buy order price is but a fraction of that.

Now, did you learn anything? Most likely not, because it is completely blatantly obvious that doing all that work and taking all that time will net a lot more than just bulk selling to a corp at 90% Jita buy.

So the real, or at least the interesting question is not the one you are asking. Yours is trivial and boring. It is not worth considering. The real question is what do you give up, what do you (and potentially others) gain, and is it worth it for you? We have provided the OP with additional information to help him consider the interesting question. You are providing nothing.

Eh not quite. The higher the value m3 is though. Pi does some weird ■■■■ at one point and gets much bigger. Or at least it did in 2013 lol

Now you’re just changing your previous response and because you’re upset.

All I’m saying is it’s ok to ask and there’s no need to be judgemental. We don’t know who the buyer behind the corp order is, do we? No. It could be just another member who in fact might haul it to Jita and for a personal profit.

OP then explained his thinking on what he thinks the price should be just so we understand where his question is coming from. He is being open and that’s cool. That’s a team player.

Nothing of this however has anything to do with him “being in it just for himself”. He is a team player, and what you’re doing is to fabricate a drama.

I’m going to get me some popcorn now.

I’m playing your game and answering your question, the overly simple one. We are still missing the information required to answer the OP’s specific question of whether his corps program is fair, given that he has not stated any of the services we provide, so I figured I would humour you.

I think you’re missing that nobody claims to be making judgement on either the op or his corp. There’s nothing bad with not focusing on teamplay in EVE. You were the first person to introduce judgement. Sure, “in it for yourself” comes with some bad connotation IRL, but it does not in a game full of spaceship pirates, gankers and all that is EVE.

The vast majority of other responses were asking what the corp provided in exchange and explaining how, if they provide things, it could well be a fair buyback program. If the corp provides nothing and another player just hauls for his profit, it isn’t. If the corp provides a bunch of things, it might well be, if the OP values the things that are provided for himself and others, hence the question of the OP’s approach to EVE being relevant.

Enjoy your popcorn. Did your corp pay for the microwave and electricity? Was it worth the taxes? :smiley:

Thank you.

But but … his interpretation > anyone else’s interpretation, so there has to be interpretation! :slight_smile:



Funny corp tool.

I think 10% less on your margin based on jita’s PI sell order market is fine.

  1. Logistics - most corps have hanger where you just off load the commodity without use your time and risk to transport.

  2. It’s a closed economy - Providing your Corp PI material self-sufficiency

10% is ok, if you are getting service/protection/compensation enough in reciprocation.

If you feel even slightly that you are being ripped off/exploited, move elsewhere.

Regarding PI, I think 100% of Jita buy is what you want from a corp, especially if they already earn off your POCO transactions.

For my corp it’s 90% of jita buy for everything as a default. You can negotiate better rates for other stuff, but you can always get anything bought back at 90% of jita buy, no questions.

It’s entirely about avoiding hassle. Nobody is forced to use it… it’s there for those who don’t want to worry about logistics and market maintenance.

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This. It’s a buyback scheme run buy the corp for your convenience. Use it or do the work yourself, it’s your choice.

dont tell me you arent convinced you should sell it to your corp? they offer what is considered, fair in game

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