PI buyback of my corp is 90% Jita. Good or bad?


my corp buys my PI material in 0.0 for 90 % jita buy price. Is this good? I could let it be transported to highsec by Jumpfreighter. That would cost 400isk/m³. But they don’t deliver to a tradehub. I would need to bring it myself to jita or amarr or make an order with red frog or push x.

How much do you get for your PI if you sell it to your corp?

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Your corp is making that 10% to support the corp. I’d say that’s fair enough really. It also means you don’t have to do any hauling and can focus on ISK generating activities instead.

Support your corp so they can support you, citadels don’t fuel themselves!


you can do the maths yourself… it mostly depend of if yes or no you are willing to do everything, or just contract at 90% & its done.

90% is pretty fair btw, most of places i’ve been have mineral buyback programs between 75 and 85% (i know ore is different then PI.)

90% is indeed pretty decent, since you don’t have to do any work. However, that’s 90% of buy price, so if you were doing all the work, you would presumably be making sell orders, so you’d be getting 100% of sell price, not 90% of buy price.

It can certainly make a difference, but you also have to think about all the time you would be spending hauling (or the cost of contracts) and setting up sell orders. If you just sell to your corp, you can use that time to do something fun which may generate more isk than the difference (or at least some isk that alleviates the difference).

Overall, provided that your corp does things for you (citadels with fuel, SRP, moon mining ops, something), then it is probably a good idea to support them.


Classic case of “are you a teamplayer” or “just in it for yourself”.

Enlightened self-interest is actually something that can be measured, and something often overlooked. Funny thing, in an organisation where focus and participation is shared along similar mindsets which are in tune with EVE’s sandbox nature that self-interest benefits dramatically from teamwork. As opposed to individual, short-term focus.

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My corp has the same percentage and I’m cool with it.

The effort (especially if you’re dealing with multiple accounts) of moving PI is annoying. I’m more than happy to help the corp and not have to deal with logistics.

90% is pretty good imo…

There is a lot of risk involved moving assets in and out of null sec… even low sec. lol. If you do the math, I bet you will find you will hardly make any more money, maybe even have to pay more, if you transport it yourself, or have red frog do it or use alliance JF service. just sell it to corp, or alliance for 90%.

After all, I always allowed a 10% of trade hubs for fluxtuation of profits… if its within 10% of margin up or down, Ill buy or sell with no issues. if its more, then I look else where or set up a buy or sell order and wait for it to be filled.

Well my thought was that the corp already saves money and time because the don’t have to buy the stuff in a tradehub and don’t need to jump it in with a JF. That saves JF fuel. Then they could pay 100% Jita buy and it is still cheaper than buying in jita and bringing it to nullsec.

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The higher the value of the PI per unit, the better it is for you to ship it to an external market.

Sure, and they could also charge you for your share of structure fuel costs and not offer a SRP, etc.

There are of course ways in which they would make some money while making less than currently (and thus you making more), but unless the top is lining their pockets with it, that extra money they make is going to other useful things that you don’t have to pay directly.

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If you are producing advanced PI products, and have patience, you are better off sending them in bulk to Jita.

The shipment doesnt care about its value, only volume and you paying for that volume. The better you can compress that value into smaller volume, the better for you.

You can sit on them at Jita until such time as the market is good, and sell them there on an alt.

You are correct that you are getting screwed out of 10% locally.

Sorry but if you’re questioning your corps buy back programme you shouldn’t be in it, you’ll be doing it forever and just cause arguments.

90% buy back in null is very reasonable considering the hassle you’re avoiding.

That’s a pretty bad mindset to take considering what the corp likely does for you. I’m in a corp that’s pretty heavy industry in null (I should know, I more or less lead the production side of it). We have things set up as folows:
Ore/PI : 100% JBV (jita buy value) - We save on shipping, you save on hauling.
Salvage : 90% JBC - There will be a lot of overstock that we simply wont use and the stuff we do we wont get enough of. This is more to help newbros than it is to help us.
T1/meta modules : refined JBV - Helps fill some doctrine fits, and we at least don’t take a loss. Again, this is more to help newbros than us due to most modules being worthless to us.
Moon goo : 80% refined JBV after moon cost/extraction cycle. We pay for the moons so that comes off the top. Then 20% goes to corp for fueling our dozens of citadels, towers, SRP, etc. We don’t even ask them to haul to a refine citadel, we do that for them. If you wonder why that’s a perk then you must not have mined any long cycle moons before.

My corp manages several dozen citadels, all of which take fuel and had to be fit. We also have doctrine subcap and capital doctrines on hand our members, all of which was paid for by our industry and moon goo programs with the aid of buybacks. We also offer discounts of super/titan builds to our members which is again, covered via these programs. We have other perks for our members, but the point is the money has to come from somewhere and a lot of the time that comes more form the hard work of leadership than our members willingness to sell at a discounted rate to the corp.

If a corp does not have an industry wing, then it will depend more on taxes and lower rate buybacks to provide similar perks for it’s members. It’s just that simple.

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If you can make more isk shipping them out to another market and selling them there, then its that simple.

You offer 100% of Jita value. (commendable and smart)
This guys corp doesnt.

We offer 100% on compressed ore and refine value on most others. We also have a massive industrial/production wing so we make our money selling final products - typically alliance doctrines and seeding markets.

This guy’s corp very likely doesn’t. Therefore, like many other corps, must get the lion’s share of the money with the aid of their line members selling at reduced rates and paying ratting/refining taxes. Each corp is different, and if you notice even we do 90% on salvage simply due to the nature of what can be obtained locally. It’s all perfectly fine as long as that money goes full circle back into helping it’s members. This is the only thing I would tell anyone to pay attention to. If it all goes into their leadership’s pockets and they offer nothing to their members (remember corp run citadels are a perk guys) then they should find another place to call home.

No doubt people can make more money doing it all themselves, but if that’s the attitude a person wants to takes then they don’t belong in a corp, let along a null corp/alliance. They’re nothing more than a leech at that point or a glorified renter at best. These communities work off teamwork even if it’s only a handful of people doing the heavy lifting.


I get the vibe that’s not happening in this guys corps (I think you do too).

My only addition to your post, is that if people feel they are getting back, they will give more. It seems your org has that working well. Well done.

Not at all. He is simply asking. No reason to be judgmental.

The price is very good, considering he isn’t in high-sec, but gets the full PI output of null-sec to nearly the top prices of high-sec.

It’s neither judgment nor judgmental, it’s one of the more fundamental choices in player interaction and progression in New Eden. Not a choice a capsuleer makes merely once or twice either, it’s prevalent.

Of course it is. And if your corporation doesn’t allow questions, but wants you to be totally submissive and you’re ok with it, then you should also not have a problem when I say you’re being judgmental.

But it is exactly a question of what style of player you (and your corp leadership) want to be. No judgement, both are accepted in EVE, along with a wide spectrum of other cases.

  • If he is in for his own profit, then a corp that charges taxes is possibly not the right choice, unless he is at the top of said corp building assets and determining actions, or the corp is generous enough to more than compensate the taxes.
  • If he is in for the team, then knowing that leadership manages things with the team’s interest as a priority should be done with his corp and has little to do here.

It is definitely worth making sure of what your corp does with taxes, and I have been in corps with extensive monthly reports to satisfy members. It is entirely legitimate to ask where your taxes go… but that’s not something to do on the forums, and that’s not what’s being done in this thread.

“Are you a shark or a killer whale?” is indeed a recurring, common question to ask yourself in EVE, and what scale you want to extend that collaboration will vary too. The question here is: are you willing to extend collaboration to your corp/alliance, and are they worthy of it? Neither can really be answered in this thread, but asking this specific question has nothing to do with judgement. EVE is full of sharks and they are often the most celebrated/famous players. Nothing wrong with aiming for that.