PI Command Centers

Why are these made by AI? These should be made by players.


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Because not everything needs to be player made. It keeps sinks involved with PI and prevents a hard lock situation where people control the supply at silly prices.

Same could be said for anything…and that doesn’t happen (or for long).

Having a core part of the process totally easily available in huge quantities borks the player driven economy…the more players make the more realistic the economy will be so…let’s not have things magically appear.

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So… Giant empires that utterly dwarf the players making a few things is somehow not realistic?
Note. I’m not against change however you asked the why question and got an answer.

Again, you could use that same logic for anything. For some reason CCP said “For CC’s, we wont allow players to make them.”…that is not logical.

Skillbooks, for example, would be something that could be explained by lore as to why they are only available from NPCs…CC’s not so much.

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Easily explained by lore. Indi capsuleers are limited in what they can do on a planet by a treaty. restricting building the PI to NPC groups just helps enforce that restriction.
Now are you trying to pick a fight, or are you actually trying to make a point or suggestion somewhere in here.

Um, this is my thread…did you think I wouldn’t counter?

…and again, that could be said about anything manufactured. Even if you came-up with a good lore rational, it’s still not explaining the “why” of this situation. That is the bit that doesn’t make sense…

Heck we can build the Custom Office Gantries that service PI…

It’s a bizarre choice IMO…and should be corrected.

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The command centers are only available from select NPCs in empire space but the really good PI is in nullsec and wormhole space. This creates economic opportunity for people to ship the command centers to where they are needed. I suspect this is one reason why CCP haven’t given us blueprints.

My frustration is module tiercide which they’ve been working on for close to 5 years now. Once complete, players will be able to manufacture meta modules using named components (already available for capital modules).

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THAT is a good reason…I’m guessing back in the day running those down into null was pretty hairy…now, not so much.

I don’t honestly think we’d be able to take Planetary command centers to market cheaper than the NPC’s. And any additional start up costs incurred can have the unfortunate side effect of turning people off to it, especially given it requires at least some frequent attention as well.

In addition Nevyn is right we do have to follow a CONCORD treaty regarding how we handle planets and our business there likely rolled into the Yulai Convention. For a rather extreme example I vaguely remember it being a very big deal lore wise when during the Battle for Caldari Prime the CN Shiigerru either bombarded or threatened to Doomsday the Capital City as a mutually assured destruction policy that would have killed tens of millions(+). As this was the single largest breach of that policy to date.

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