PI Head Overlap

Is there a way to prevent this happening? sometimes they dont overlap, sometimes they do (by varying percentages)


Try moving them?


Moving them is indeed the solution.

But I suspect you’re asking a different question: why are the heads sometimes big enough to overlap and sometimes they aren’t.

The head sizes scale with your extractor cycle. Short cycles means bigger heads, long cycles means smaller heads.

While shorter cycles may increase your production, it also means more effort. It’s harder to place the heads without overlap and you have to reset your production more often. Try to pick a cycle duration that works for you!

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indeed i move them, figured that would be obvious, i set the cycles to the same time for all planets, 3 days 1 hour

from clicking the 10 extrator heads i get either a circle with no overlap, a slight overlaps (maybe 1 or 2%) or a big overlap like in the picture. So i am trying to determine what causes the overlap, PI has enough pointless clicking already so trying to reduce that is my goal

ive reduce zooming in more or zooming out further but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to as and when it will do it

Just move them… what’s the problem?

it isnt the fact that they can be moved, which is all extra worek and mouse clicks. I want to know why they do overlap on some and dont on others, it isnt too much of an ask to try and find out the asnwer to that question. If you answer is simply move them them, then there is nothing for you in this thread.

You only have to move them once. It’s not that hard.

one last reply as you are trolling

I am simply trying to find out out why is happens sometimes and is there a way to prevent it. Thats all, simple question.

Asked and answered.

It’s a coding issue, I doubt you’re going to get an answer why. It could be many things, it could be that the spacing is set based on the last one you moved. It could be planet size, it could depend on whether any heads are already down or not to give it a default spacing.

You could ask CCP, but since it’s old code don’t be surprised when they say they’ve no idea.

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I already gave part of the answer: cycle duration.

Try to change your cycle duration and you will see big heads with big overlap or small heads with little to no overlap.

Also I suspect planet size may be a factor.

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OP they gave you the answer you wanted lol.

Move the heads or reduce the cycle time. It’s not hard.

Don’t go ranting about how PI is too many clicks that is a different thread.


jeez 3 days cycles now wonder you are tired of clicking i do 7 days and even thats is a big job at the weekend over 12 chars

12 characters?

No wonder you call PI a big job when you choose to do it with 4 accounts.

If I remember correctly what you are describing is the sequence of when you click the buttons for extractors and when you set the cycle time. It does mess with how they deploy, although depending the length of your extraction, I don’t think it will always not overlap by default. But like everyone in the thread is stating, simply moving once, will solve the “issue”. I can state unless in Null or a WH you are going to need to eventually adjust the extractor heads anyhow. My advice on PI don’t make it a speed game and get used to taking your time with it, and enjoy the click process for now anyhow.

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