Pi Master's series: Why this p4 factory is bad

Oh you must be referring to the P2 - > about 1 billion a month. That’s if you squeeze your planet for about 2million a day on 18 planets.

2.5 million on 16 planets for IC - IV.

I am currently making Robotics and Condensates. 17 planets mining for water, metals, electrolites, chirals, then I feed them all in 1 advanced production planet. The production has been running non stop for 3 days now and according to jita prices I can make less than 100m isk per day on all 3 toons across 2 accounts.

You’re talking day while I’m talking month for the p0->p2 entry level build.

Are you saying it’s taking you 34 planets to make 100m?

17 mining planets and 1 production. So 18 planets, not 34.

You said across 2accounts so was curious.

But yeah. 2mil a day on 18 planets = over a billion a month was what I was saying

You have 6 character slots with two accounts, but only 18 planets tapped and open? Woo, buddy… save yourself a 2nd account and transfer those other toons to a single Omega. It might be easier. Also… If you’re churning condensates and robotics alternately on the same factory planet, is that efficient? Looks to me like you’re just trying to fulfill fuel demands and not really peaking your production.

In a self sufficient model, I could keep a p3 AND a p2 factory churning with 1 omega account.

I’m only starting out so taking time to build up to 6 toons on those 2 accounts. The problems I’m having is that the extractors don’t extract equal amount of raw materials. Right now my 4 toons have all lvl 4 planet skill except 1 main which has CC Upgrade lvl 5. I’ll take into account and starting up more.

Ah, I see. In my opinion, you’ve kind of spread yourself thin then if your draws are low atm by investing in multiple products. The key is to be a good land surveyor and find yourself a product, THEN go hunting systems for the layout of planets you need and see if it’s a viable staging point for you. You might not have the best planets for drawing mass of what particular resources you need. Lava and plasma planets are very scarce. And a good source of some metals is Ice planets too, believe it or not. Sometimes there is variance in what planets will put out, so make sure you check out the planets individually.

I am not so sure. How is your experience with changing markets and being locked in to the capital structure you choose?

If you are part of an alliance and feel dependent on their infrastructure… well then you will be. I have re-established PI completely over 7 times. Complete tear down and rebuild. I hated it, but the only good that has come out of it is my builds have become very time efficient and I’ve never had to stay ‘stuck’ in my ways. I know wormholes and null are great, but if you struggle with an independent PI infrastructure, you can always look to lowsec to not worry about bubbles. An Epithal can pull off the mwd warp cloak just fine. In lowsec is where I was able to sustain 2 factory planets with 1 account. In null, it’s much easier.

You’ll suffer taxes, but such is the life of small fish.
As for capital structure… I’m not sure what you mean by that. My factory layouts work for any product. I need only alter the inputs and reestablish the routes. The links don’t require any adjustment.

I live 12 jumps from bottleneck and high sẽc, so there frequent hostile gangs visiting, is a real problem. Cloaky epithal piloted by a noob doesnt get away because of fast sabres and insta lock inties, so i have to use planets on neighbouring 2 systems only. Even now i have to use my main to ferry stuffs which only takes 4 mins. For example i could get to plasma and lava planets but stay away so my supply chain doesnt get disrupted, thus the robotics and condensate. I realize there are more profitable p4s but i will wait.till next month when i can grab a jump freighter then i might be more self sufficient.

Hint - it involves the part that almost all tutorials miss when talking about PI

 End of year Eve accomplishment vid?

i just started this PI thing…

and i think this setup contains TOO MANY storages.
each storage consumes energy like factory.
2 of storages are Empty, 7 of storages are Half Empty

3 launch pads… why…
BTW each one has the same storage capacity as “storage”,
so technically here we see 5 Empty Storages.
and lost opportunity to build extra 5 factories

and probably if links are shorter, it would be enough energy for one more factory

guess 1 - you dont spika any english and you dont understand meaning of “420 PER PLANET”

guess 2 - you are liar ( heil Okkam)

how much energy that setup consumes?
is that pic real?

tryed to check
holy shiit
this pic should be called “how to waste all your MegaWatts on Links”