PI Suggestions

The most tiresome process in PI is logistics. By default it forces your character to spend a lot of time flying around from POCO to POCO (like a bee) every few days. My suggestions are oriented to improve the PI in a way to make the logistics easier, to visit those spots once per week or two weeks.

Yeah, that’s the problem.

1: Let users grant names to Launchpads and Storage Facilities.
Great Idea and has little game impact.

4: Needs more options to Sync the manufacturing process.
It is called ‘Excel’. Not being smug. You have to examine and research your production system(s). I would like to see it become even more convoluted.

5: It will be nice to add new PI skills and Supportive Facilities.
Another seemingly nice idea, but will the change, just make it a mandatory add feature. I like thing, but I am still thinking this through.

6: A better tax concept.
Players control this except at a few remaining InterBus POCO’s. IIRC, way back when PI started, the tax base was suppose to fluctuate based on market values.

It takes allocation of Dev and programmer resources, and sadly PI is very low on the list. It was suppose to provide targets for DUST514 raiders. So, getting it moved up the priority list will be a little tough,

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That would have been so exciting.
I had been really looking forward to the opportunities of economic warfare screwing with peoples passive income AND doing a FPS with my son.
Unfulfilled dreams…

PI wasn’t worth enough to encourage that type of warfare. They really need to develop PI more before those locations are viable targets.

But I do agree, make a sim city style builder attached to pi, and you’d have dynamic maps. That would be pretty awesome to play on.

The types of game play would vary wildly too, from industrial sabotage like the previous post suggested, to corporate espionage, to sov warfare. Obviously pve modes where players crush rogue drones and pirate strongholds would be possible too.

As you may know, PI manufacturing has a granulated concept based on its timing cycles and quantity outputs. To make use of any project configuration on a planet, it is required to pair any manufactory modules horizontally and in a hierarchy mode vertically. Available skills, planet resources and Command Centers modes don’t allow to do it in many scenarios.

Taxation and logistics is a headache or complete horse ■■■■ at high-tier components manufacturing.

Yup! Why are they doing these CSM elections? What do you think? Because Devs have no time to read these threads in the Player Features & Ideas section. They prefer a bunch of people, who are competent in what they are doing in the game, to tell them about all bugs, exploits and balance recommendations in good English. Sure thing they’ll focus on FW this year, based on elections results.