Pilot in space or docket

for example: I see 4 pilots in a local channel. Can I find out in any way whether they are in space or docked in station or what they are doing? Otherwise I use map tools (average pilots in space and average docked pilots…) but this is not the most reliable information. Is there any other procedure for such a finding?


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That is going to be your best bet. You could also try combat probes to see if a ship is in space. Won’t work if they are cloaked though.

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if the stations are dockable you can check who is docked.

in the case of citadels, they’ll show a number in brackets showing how many people are docked,

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Try asking in local. If they don’t answer they’re definitely afk. This works well in wormholes.


Use the Map. There is one option under Statistics where you can find how many pilots are in space vs in station in the system.

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Locators Agents comes back with pilots in space when docked in citadels. This has been an issue since the beginning of these structures.

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You can dock in npc stations and see whos also in that station using the ‘guests’ tab. May help narrow things down.

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@ Florez72
… but not in real time. Just the average number of pilots in the last hour. Not in the current time.

Depending on who it is you can always try fleeting them.
A bear, due to his nature, is unlikely to be fleeted.
Unless it’s a minerbear, then he might get mining boosts.

A quick reaction means they’re either docked or in a fleet.
A slow reaction means they’re in space.

Always worth trying while in warp.

(watch out for the yogibear. he’s better than the average bear)

Not true, most wormholers will never answer a hail in local unless they know (and trust) the person hailing them.

Tell that to v0lta in Thera. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thera is hardly your ‘common-or-garden’ wormhole system…

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I don’t know. It’s JSpace from my perspective.

You’re probably right on this one,
but there’s always outliers. :smiley:

Using local in w-space is volunteering intel that they might not otherwise have. Not many people do it that I’ve ever seen, atleast not until whatever might pop off between the parties involved already has.

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Reading through your post I remembered how I used to count bottles of beer on the wall in lowsec until I made someone respond. That always worked! Well except that one time when people were really afk. Not sure I’ve tried that in JSpace yet. I think so.

The thing is, when you’re just being annoying enough …
… which I can be! :smiley:
… usually someone just snaps and responds.

I need to try that some day. :slight_smile:

99 bottles of beer on the wall …
… 99 bottles of beer …
… take one down …
… pass it around …
… 98 bottles of beer on the wall!

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Spend a few years living in wormhole space trying that and let me know how it plays out.



98 bottles of beer on the wall …
… 98 bottles of beer …
… take one down …
… pass it around …
… 97 bottles of beer on the wall!

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I guess that’s one way to pvp. Can’t imagine the dps is too good on it.

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Player vs Patience! Its like Ewar for the brain.

Its why the block function exists :stuck_out_tongue: