Pilot Services Market

Anyone else think the pilot services markets are on the verge of being broken? the big increases in the last 2/3 weeks is absurd!

What do you mean by broken? Changes in prices won’t break something that will stay in demand and supply and demand will help control it before it gets truly out of hand.

Which service? Are you referring to the services section of the market forums?

If you find it’s absurd, don’t use it. Then convince everyone else to stop using it. Then it becomes a buyers market and the prices drop.

That’s the beauty of a mostly player driven economy.

Plex and skill extractors and injectors have all spiked in the last 20 days that doesn’t support a spike in prices in that short amount of time. And there doesn’t seem to be a top yet forming.

Seeing the MPI is falling since refineries and more recently in the last few months with no sign of the bottom forming it is startling to see these two markets acting in complete contrast of one another.



…uh…I mean…*that is outrageous and unacceptabler! CCP must do something immediately!


It should be expected surely. Lot’s of spare isk and no destruction. Then buy plex rather than ships and equipment.

TLDR: The market isn’t broken, it does this every year at right around this time (complete with requisite plex prices are too damn high posts). a couple factors made the spike happen a little later this year, and go a bit higher. but nothing to be concerned about yet.

Long version:
The spike in plex and extractor/injector prices is pretty much to be expected. Even ignoring that this time of year has historically been the high point for the year. a couple different factors contributed to pushing it higher, and faster this time round.

To start with, its been a while since we’ve had any substantial plex or galaxy pack sale. There was a 20% galaxy pack sale some time over the holidays, but considering past ones have been 30-50% off, not a single person I know of bothered with the 20% sale.
This means, plex, injectors, and MPTC stocks haven’t had a massive influx recently.

The injection augmenter that came out over the holidays generated a lot of demand for skill injectors, we didn’t see as massive a spike in injector prices right at that moment as we could have, because many of the people who sell injectors (myself included) anticipated a price spike and held onto our stock specifically for the augmentors to come out, and then dumped everything we had, which helped moderate those prices.
However, while dumping a ton of injectors kept that particular market from spiking at that moment, it still means far more extractors being used in a short time, which also means a lot more plex being consumed to buy those extractors.

So we have a situation without any substantial increase in supply, but a considerable increase in demand. Personally I had expected injector prices to crash after the augmentors since I figured anyone who wanted injectors would have used them then. but it seems the price for 3 at once was a pretty big barrier to entry since the demand seems to have remained relatively stable (again with a reduced supply since many of the stockpiles got dumped)

all of these factors, combined with the historic trend on prices means the current price, while slightly inflated compared to past years, is about what I would expect. as for a plateau, those are notoriously hard to predict, but based on past trend, prices tend to rise all through Jan, hit a plateau in feb, and then start dropping in spurts (in line with plex sales) starting in early march until they hit their annual lows in late july-august.

10% jump in plex price alone in about 10 days. I get all those factors but to see this aggressive rise like this is crazy.

The injectors and extractors sure, that was a more gradual increase and I can see that, but this jump is very high in a very small amount of time.

the plex (and related items) market in general moves in sharp spikes and drops more than smooth curves. 10% in 10 days is a “little” fast, but not completely unheard of.
There is a lot of pressure on the plex market, both on the buy order and the sell order side.
buyers are VERY reluctant to increase their purchase prices which puts a lot of downwards pressure when things trend up. and on the reverse side, sellers are just as reluctant to drop their prices which puts a lot of pressure against downwards trends.
as a result of that, the plex markets tend to hit breaking points where the price HAS to change, due to there simply being too much demand, or a large influx from sales. so when the price does move, it tends to do so in a matter of days before finding a new equilibrium.

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