Pilots or Corps..Looking for an attitude.. we could care less about your skill points

We are looking for people or corps who have drive… who have dedication… who can commit. We are looking for people who will go against the grain, who don’t mind fighting outnumbered, who can withstand temporary moments of turmoil. We are looking for the right PERSONALITY.

If you cry when you lose a ship… don’t bother applying.

If you are looking for free isk… don’t bother applying. (even if we have plenty of it)

If you want to win every fight… don’t bother applying.

We don’t care if you want to mine, pvp, mission, etc. We are looking for the type of pilot that commits. If you understand what we mean we are 90% of the way there. Our group dictates our goals… if you have goals and want the opportunity to make them real… then lets talk.

Pilots or corps who share the same methodology are welcome to mail Zaand in game for the quickest response.


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