Piracy advice please

I did my friend.

Arrived in the Netherlands just over 2 months ago. My container with my gaming rig and setup only arrives in early Jan 2020 from South Africa. Will be back online soon.

Looking forward to having some beers with other EVE members in Amsterdam hopefully soon.

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Message me in-game I’m not far from there. Welcome back, brother!

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I wish to learn the ways of the yarr as well.

It deeply saddens me to hear that people have disgraced the Pirate code of honor by ransoming and still destroying, I’ve personally been victim to this.

Maybe one day CCP will consider piracy a profession again and add some form of ransom UI/trade that punishes people that accept ransom and still pewpew.

Some new faction ships would be nice as well, severely lacking some faction destroyers.

Yarr on mateys! o7

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I don’t believe this has ever actually happened. It’s more likely that you heard some disgruntled miner trying to besmirch the good name of whomever arrested him.

Nah I’m pretty sure that’s what I saw happen. Popped him for dishonoring the profession. Fleet mate or not, you smear other people’s reputation when you pull stunts like that.

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I can see you doubt even your own story.

It was his own gf

From Canada

So, you’re not sure at all.

Hehe good effort, you almost managed some real piracy. No salt for you. :kissing_heart: