PIRAT faceplants thread

(The Schnez) #1

Sep 13

Khromius suffers yet another humiliating, expensive defeat – this time losing TWO of his own machariels! Wow - worst loss since Vendetta got hijacked and he joined PIRAT! He wasn’t able to flee the fight this time :slight_smile:



Sep 02

Watch P I R A T do an epic faceplant in failed defense contract, losing 19bil! Fearless leader Khromius warps off halfway into the fight, leaving his troops to their deaths :open_mouth:


(Petri Rick) #2

This is nothing to them, don’t you know they are some of the games largest botters bringing in trillions a month? CCP should disban pirat and ban them all.

(Cletus Graeme) #3

(Luscius Uta) #4

This is a funny thread that deserves to stay near the top :grin:

(Ezra Endashi) #5

We need more public executions of boters!

(Lyro Chastot) #6

No idea why ccp has done jack all. I guess it’s because they need to make more money from plex sales!

(Dark Engraver) #7

A pile of botted isk can’t buy you a brain

(The Schnez) #8


(The Schnez) #9

From this hilarious thread [* 1 RANK MERC] Mercenary Services - P I R A T

(system) #10

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