Pirate Party in Hueromont!

Pirate Party in Hueromont

Avast ye!

Cap’n told me to tell all you hearties and landlubbers that we’ll weigh anchor on Saturday around 18:00!

There will be kegs o’grog for all on the fine vessel the Radiant and ye all are invited! We have prepared all traditional pirate activities we could think of!

Planks! Grog! Cannons! Rum! Booty! Swords! More grog! Pistols! Treasure! Games! A good and healthy mix!


  • Yourself, and your friends
  • Pirate-inspired costume
  • Swimwear
  • Be ready to board the ship at 18:00 on Saturday!
  • OPTIONAL: Booty is always appreciated.

SIGNED: First Wench Catherine Gillot, on orders of ye Captain Mizhir ‘Gold-eye’ Devara.

TLDR: We sail on a pirate cruise at 18:00 this Saturday (29th of June) from the harbour in Ars, bring pirate things. If you arrive late we have tenders to bring you to the ship. Join the channel “Barony of Ars” when you want to arrive at the party.


Ohoy mateys. Grab ye favourite mate and a mug o’ rum cuz we be sailing for booty on Saturrrday.

Just a lil’ clarification, aye. We be pirates of ye olde time.


I attack people in lowsec can I dress up as myself?

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No, it is not a costume if you come as you usually are.

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Can someone else dress up as me?

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As long as you will be dressed I guess you will be fine, else just find a silly hat with a feather or something and put that on

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dress up as someone dressing up as you.

Yay! Can’t wait!


Time to work on another outfit

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Just giving a little poke there.
I find the thread deserves it.
And the party is scheduled tomorrow, according to the announcement!

As I should most probably be late, please keep a shuttle ready for me.
The crew will be paid with a rum bottle and chocolate coins.


Wonderful, we’ll keep a tender ready at all times!

I have received private inquiries about if you can bring working weapons to the event, and the answer is no – but I’ll make an exception for period-accurate swords and blades that are part of your outfit.

Any other weapons at use at the party will have to be supplied by us for safety and legal reasons. This is in the heart of the Federation, and our temporary license as a firing range is quite strict on that part.

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I am Sir Utari Onzo, and, privately contracted hitherto, by writ of her Imperial Majesty Empress Catiz I, in the interests of her trading lanes and sovereign rights of navigation, do execute, action and enact hostilities upon the vessel commanded by Mizhir and Catherine, and make known my intentions to board and seize all goods, arms and currency, unless said captain does promptly, and expediently, surrender the vessel, all goods and arms and currencies, and communicate intentions of such, by writing, to myself in a timely hour, no less than 7 hours hence. This communication is issued as by right, lawfully granted, by private employment and contract, following all requirements of the Letter of Marque in possession of ourselves, and actioned to achieve the maximum profit and satisfaction of Her Majesty and the shareholders of this privately hired crew and captain.

image https://www.biography.com/.image/ar_1:1%2Cc_fill%2Ccs_srgb%2Cg_face%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_300/MTE5NTU2MzE2MjA1NTgxODM1/sir-francis-drake-9278809-1-402.jpg


I would like to thank everyone for coming, I had a yarring good time and I hope you all had fun too. Sleep tight!


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