Pirate ships

Hi I am just wondering is there any plan to add blood raider apocalypse and Gurista raven with bonus 37.5 dmg similar to Vindicator bonus

I doubt it, since Vindicators are already in game. The Vindi only gets away with it’s OPness (yeah i said it) because it has the optimal range of a toddler throwing a minivan.

Each faction has their own flavor. They won’t get the same bonuses. The Rattlesnake is already strong enough.

Arguably one of the strongest at that. The only reason machs are dominant is their mobility fits into the current meta best… a rattle has pretty much any engagement profile (it can field viable torp, cruise, and RHML fits, with either heavy or sentry drones), HUGE buffer, and obscene dps at pretty much any range.

Yea the Vindi will dps harder, but as was said above it has horrifying range on its damage.

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