Pirates A'hoy - Abyssal Space Protection

If you are looking for excitement and to test your space negotiating as well as Pirate Connections skills while running Abyssal sites try this tactic out:

Protecting yourself from Gankers and War Dec’s while running Abyssal sites.

Well we know that we can’t use a mission site that has an acceleration gate to protect against Gankers.

But the local Combat Sites that appear on the Probe Scanner are able to be used.

Simply find a local combat site in Low or Null sec.
Warp to the site.
Use the filament.

You will be able to use the NPC’s in the combat site to cover you while you run the Abyssal site.

More times than not the local PvPer’s will not be fit for PvE and will dread having to change into a PvE ship to get rid of the combat site NPC’s and then back into a PvP ship.

The other advantage is that the combat site will often times spawn numerous waves that the PvPer will have to contend with while waiting for you.

The only drawback is that carriers, force aux, dreads and stealth bombers might be used to attack you once you leave the site.

But the draw back for their fleet is being out in the open with a mixture of PvP and PvE ships in their fleet which could be very enticing for a roaming gang of PvP ships looking for content.

If you are plan on running Tier 1 Abyssal sites in Low and Null I suggest offering something to the local Pirates for providing you with potential kill mail and loot to add too their boards and treasure chests for luring other un-savvy types of Pirates to your hole.

Calyspo, come dance with me my lovely.

Another tactic to use is to find Drifter Wormholes on the Overview.

Fly to the Drifter Wormhole.
Check for Drifters.
Get as close as you can to the DWH that allows for activation (Drifter Worm Hole, snick, or upside down)
Activate Filament.

Has anyone tried activating a filament while a Command Destroyer uses its Warp Bubble to warp the cruiser away during activation?

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