Planet naming if we find a new one


(Leland Komac) #1

I want to see what other peoples ideas are for the name of the first planet found in project Discovery. My suggestion is:


(Trixie Lawless) #2

Manface Missilet*ts in honor of the ugliest avatar and funniest name ever.

(Duo Roman) #3

If I recall correctly, Professor Michel Mayor said new planets have a naming pattern, so we probably won’t name any planet discovered through Project Discovery.
Maybe @CCP_Grim have more info on this topic.

(Leland Komac) #4

I believe we may have some options available to us.

(Khergit Deserters) #5


(Nana Skalski) #6

Planet Express

(Scipio Artelius) #7

I doubt we have much say in it.

This isn’t CCP working on its own. The project is backed by CCP, MMOS, University of Geneva and Reykjavik University.

The project lead is Prof. Michael Mayor in Switzerland.

I dare say, we are a loooong way down the list of people that will have a say in the name. We aren’t much more then a first pass filter of the data. Anything found will be confirmed (and the credit will go to) someone else (though I’d expect CCP to receive acknowledgement.

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