Project Discovery Idea

Just out of curiosity, what if CCP in partner with Geneva University petitioned the IAU to name a star in honor of the EVE players who have helped with exoplanet discoveries. If so, what do you think would be a great name for the star and where about in the sky do you think would suit it? I mean I doubt the IAU would do it, but just as a hypothetical.

That would be wonderful, if a bit of a pipe dream.

I have faith that us capsuleers could come up with something more charming than Starry McStarface :rofl:

(Then again, I’ve been disappointed before…)

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The possibility of GoonStar scares me a tiny bit… :fearful:

–Gadget hides under the covers


New Eden.

As for which star, pick one that is dying.

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Sooooo… EVE?

I believe it should be Aruar for the star name, given the crazies number of levels done

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