Planetary Customs Office tax estimation - really ?!?!?!?!?!

I’m playing about 2 months. I was shocked by the peculiarities of tax calculation at customs!

So, the game decided that I had extracted resources worth a little more than 1 million ISK. Accordingly, about 150 thousand ISK was removed from me at customs. And all would be fine, but I was able to sell the cargo at the maximum price for 300 thousand. So, the tax is almost 50% !!!

Where did the game get such prices? The trading network contains the prices of the Sellers and the prices of the Buyers. Buyers (who are really ready to buy my product) set prices 2-3-4 times less than those at which Sellers would like to sell. Why is the tax calculation not at the Buyer’s prices ???


I have 70 Supercondutors in my planet launch port. The program estimates that they cost 550,000 ISK : 550000 \ 70 = 7857 ISK for 1 Supercondutors.

However, in the retail network they are ready to buy (best price) = 1978 ISK (!!!),

So, 70 * 1978 = 138 460 !!! and not 550 000 !!!

Why is 15% removed from 7857 and not from 1978 ??? With such “accounting”, it is not far from the cases when having sold the extracted resources, you will also find yourself obliged …

If there are any difficulties with setting prices, let the customs take 15% of the volume of exported planetary mining products (in my case, let them take 70 * 0.15 = 10.5 units out of 70 Supercondutors), and then sell it on their own at any price !

The politic of destroying planetary production is seen differently, especially in relation to novice players who cannot take production in “null” sectors.

CCP don’t talk about average market prices as they want to avoid manipulations. Manipulating avg market price is bannable.

My guess is avg price is avg sell price for last 3 months across all new eden markets.

This leaves it possible to be left in your situation of >50% fee or vice-versa on < 3 month price increase.

In your situation it might just be worth trashing items or refining further on that plannet.

Simply: There is a standard cost for the PI products for import/export taxation purposes NOT “the value you decide it is worth when you sell/dump it”. The “Estimated cost” is also NOT the value you are taxed on either.

So, for the purposes of exportation from a planet, that one unit of exported Superconductors is assessed for export tax at 7,200 ISK (Superconductors are a P2 material). That is fixed and independent of the variable market price.

  • If you are in hi-sec, then the export tax you will pay on that one item will be (NPC tax = 10%) + (Customs Owner Tax = 15% in your case) = 25% of 7,200 = 1,800 per unit.
  • If you are in lo-sec or null there is no NPC tax, so that then becomes 1,080 ISK per unit (at 15%).

On the upside, this export tax assessed value is fixed and easy enough to account for when working out if an activity is profitable.

The estimated “when you put the cursor over it” price is based on the Average Price (as I recall) which, again isn’t the value you would get if you sold it on the market - it’s a summary of orders smoothed over time (I believe). Of course, if you sold through Sell orders rather than just dumping it for whatever someone is offering, you would get a better price. Especially for Superconductors as they do tend have a high turnover since they are used in T2 industry.

Another example is the value of an item used in industry that forms the installation cost calculation - the “Adjusted price”. This also isn’t the “Market Price” or the “Average price”.

There is much information around PI and Taxes online. Also there are some very good tools for assessing the profitability of various PI items based on whether you are doing the extraction yourself, or buying and importing the materials.

The Market in New Eden is a regionally based brokered commodity market. With the exception of a few items sold or bought by NPCs, CCP don’t set the prices in the market, players do that.

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Ah cool, I don’t do pi but it is nice ccp tried a lazy fix. By fixing export tax on goods you are never gonna get caught out by avg market price change.

The question then is why did you bother producing worthless items which you knew you will pay more pi export tax than their worth to you? Or have you just realised?

If you are just realising let me clue you in, indy peeps in eve produce and sell at a loss because they are weird. They neither factor time or the cost of monthly plex into their margins. Do not try break them back into reality, they whine when you do.

T2 production also has the bonus of CCP gifting pets a free pass on a crucial margin, oh how many a player just flat quits the game when they see that aspect. Yet again don’t even go there with that crowd, the echo chamber you will encounter will blow your brains out.

Welcome to “the minerals I mine are free or the accounts I sub have no cost” & “T2BPO’s are not even good” world of eve.

Never use average price to calculate stuff, use instead

He just explained why not to do that.

EvePraisal numbers are generally very craptastic too, from a business POV anyway.

Have you tried not selling to crappy buy orders? Or are you trying to sell them in Khanid or something?

One unit of superconductors is 5.6k in Jita.

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