Custom office tax based on?

I am just getting into the PI business…at least to understand how it works. I am in Hy-sec .

I have a question on custom office tax. I understand the NPC rate in hy-sec and player corp add on but what I don’t understand is what is the tax based on?

For example: I produced 70 units of Coolant and move it thru at a Customs office which had a tax rate of 12% for a tax of 60,480 isk. this means the tax was based on the value of 504,000 isk which is 7200 isk per unit.

Where does the customs office get the 7200 isk per Coolant unit figure? this is about 1000 isk higher then the buy price at Jita. Is this a set price or is it based on something else? Is there a base number and the tax is added to it which would mean the more you transfer at one time the lower tax per unit will be?


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In HS, there is a default NPC tax on top of player taxes.

There is no bulk discount for taxes. Try looking around for poco’s with lower tax rates, train custom code expertise to reduce NPC taxes, design setups that minimize how much taxes eat into your profits, or do PI outside of HS so that you no longer have to pay the NPC tax.

I’d imagine that taxes are based off of the estimated item value (which is the estimate you see when looking at items in your hangar or cargo, in the fitting window, and so on. How that number is calculated is apparently a bit of a mystery. See Fuzzy Steve’s post if you want to know more.

The 7200 isk figure is a hard set amount that doesn’t vary for market conditions.


Coolant is a P2 level commodity, and so it’s base value will be 7,200 for tax purposes no matter what the market value is.


Thank you!, now it makes sense! this way i can always use this number in the calculations for …just about everything dealing with PI.

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