Planetary Industry Pin Data not updating

We touched on this once before.

When pulling pin inventory data to look at the inventory/capacity of a particular launchpad on a planet the data never updates. I believe it was mentioned that the data did not update unless the planet and/or launchpad had been opened by the character. I’m finding this to be simply not the case as I have reviewed a specific launchpad multiple times a day across different logins (even from different computers) with no change in the values shown.

Were we waiting on development of this function or was there something else holding it up?

Theoretically, assuming the data updates correctly I should be able to not only see the inventory/stocking level of each pin, but could also potentially calculate out when a factory cycle is scheduled to complete and how much it will have produced. As well as tell if I run the risk of losing material due to running out of storage space.

I’ll make a note to test this via the ESI data, but I suspect that it’s just the ESI behaviour for that update being strange rather than the addin failing to get the latest data.

The cache in the addin for a single planet is just 5 minutes, before it tries looking up ESI again.

Bump on this Hund. Same happening for me, launchpad data doesn’t update in 1.6 unless you physically go into the launchpad on the plant.

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I’ve confirmed this on my own PI. Very weird behaviour, but seems to sadly just be the ESI behaviour :frowning: