Planetary Interaction fixes

Some players may have setups so they do not encounter this issue, or perhaps certain extractor placements will not deplete fields as severely requiring such changes and tweaks every cycle, but still -

With my setup, on multi product refinement planet, When I set my extractors, my extraction output for the entire cycle must be roughly equal, or my storage becomes clogged with one product mid cycle, affecting the final output on that planet

However, when I go to begin my new cycle, the estimated output is not shown accurately before i press ‘begin cycle’ button

Instead, I must push the button, and it is usually within 50-100k of the true output, that I can then view by reselecting this Extractor

then, if the two cycles do not match, i must go back to each extractor, stop the cycle, roughly guess what adjustment to make, then begin cycle, and check new number

Not that this creates a slight difficulty in itself, but there is also a bug, where if you seem to make too many stop/start on extractor, when you Submit finalized changes, sometimes you will get stuck and bugged out where it gives you an endless 4 second countdown from last changes, and you must cancel out and restart altogether, which leads to needing to try recreate all the tweaks from memory without too many attempts, if the mineral extraction fields have become changed and need lots of changes

Both issues should be refined, so that the endless 4 second loop (has existed many years) is eliminated if possible, and so that the estimated material cycle output, matches the real one

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I am going to hazard a guess and assume you are directing Extraction directly into the basic factory?

Use a launchpad (Pad) as a buffer and hub.

Route the raw materials into the Pad.
Route these mats into the basic.
Basic result back into Pad.
Route Basic out of Pad to Advanced.
Tier2 back into Pad.

What I want is the ability to shift click my extraction heads as a group and move then in their formation/pattern to the new source on the planet. That’s a fix.


I use a launch pad, using warehouses may eliminate the clog issue, i guess, if the flow could be set equally, and keep the storage full instead, but the extractor fields would need to be adjusted correctly but it wouldn’t change these ui, expected output errors, and submit change stuck

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