Planetary launch costs

Hello pilots ! After a longer break I’m back in the game. Of course I have to relearn a lot of things. Most complicated I find the planetary industry. My major problem right now is the high cost of planetary launches. In the manual I found two opportunities for planetary launches. On is the costly launch to the Custom Center. The other alternative is the launch directly into space and collect the cans with a ship. The later alternative was said to be without cost/taxes. To my surprise, there also is a considerable charge for that method. Now i’m puzzled. Is the manual wrong or was that changed lately.

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Launching directly from the Command Center (CC) has a limit of 500m³ it also costs 50% more than it does to use the POCO.

Using a Launch Pad you can launch 10k m³ at a time; which can be picked up at the POCO with an Epithal or any other industrial ship with a large cargohold.

Export tax formula:
Tax Cost = BaseValue * Tax

Import tax formula:
Tax Cost = BaseValue * Tax * 0.5

where Tax = PlayerTax + 5-10 (%), Customs Office Expertise lowers the Concord part of tax by 1(%) per level. Concord Tax only applies in Highsec systems

You can read more on the topic here:

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