Planetary Production Templates

The cancer of setting up planets is real. I have 45 planets setup over 9 different toons and having to redo them when I move to another corp, which I hope I never have to do again, is a massive headache and takes entirely too long.

I have all of my planets setup pretty much the exact same way as far as the layout and positioning. If I could save that layout for each type of product being produced, that would save YUGE amounts of time.

I personally only do T2 production so a template would be perfect in this case.

Yes, I know CCP JUST released the update and made things so much easier but I feel it’s lacking templates. That would be the absolute fix in my opinion.

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TBF, even if it gets implemented, you’d probably only get a pin template. It wouldnt include links, routing, or production information. Basically the bulk of the setup involved.

The problem is real but I don’t think the impact is enough, due to the rarity of doing setups, to warrant dev time.

Seems it could well include all of that, but only particular designs could be useful across planets, though I wouldn’t recommend including the extraction programs in any case.

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