Player criminals should give sec status gain

It is objectively not popular:

So the people who have liked the OP are not real?

The 4 likes does not mean it is popular.

Do you understand what im saying or are you being deliberately obtuse?

are just 4 ppl oO because of every player in eve its not popular

The 4 likes does not mean it is popular.

When is the last time you saw a idea get 4 likes?

you never saw one of your idea get 4 like we understand this xD but still 4 ppl does not mean its popular

Do you truly believe this question is valuable?

Anyway, I am trying to provide sincere critiques to OP so that they may refine, reconsider, and improve their idea.

Me providing critiques is not a negative thing, and you seem to treat their mere existence as some sort of battle to fight. They can stand on their own, without spamming and derailing a thread.

You claimed the idea is objectively not popular which i find strange since it has more likes than most other ideas posted in this section

An idea can have 10 likes and I would still not consider it popular. Even ideas posted in CSM campaign threads by candidates that approach hundreds of likes were not popular enough to get people elected.

So treating „4“ as some magical number is not rational. I’m not going to discuss it further because I don’t want to contribute to further derailment.

Most ideas get 0 likes. This one gets 4. Thats not an objectively unpopular idea then.

and you think that 4 ppl should change a game for 50.000+ players ? just because this idea get 4 likes ?

If a player don’t mind killing criminals but don’t want to increase his security status there is no conceivable way to accommodate this. therefore anyone who kills criminals and would appreciate the increase in security status well we just cant have that

they still going to kill this criminals because they wanna have PvP !
everybode else doesnt matter if he can kill criminals for a sec status gain and they didnt go for pvp anyway

EDIT : How many ppl are there who accidantly have an bad Sec status and need to increase it the hard way on PvP ? i would say about 50 ppl ingame ? oO and for such a small groupe you wanna ruine the marked of clone soldier tags ? this will result in less PvE in low sec and kills a lot of content

@Io_Koval is just a CCPsplainer and anti progress person

If you were actually a reasonable person wanting to have a reasonable discussion between two adults, you’d discover I am actually all for a holistic revamping of Sec Status, amongst many other changes I’d like to see in New Eden. Im not going to hijack OPs thread over it though.

But no, me providing critiques that can be used to forge OPs idea into something better, and not sharing your idea of what „popular“ means, somehow makes me a „bad guy“ worthy of calling out to slander and name call. Stop it.

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me providing critiques that can be used to forge OPs idea into something better

You are thinking too highly of yourself to be someone who can give critique. If i may, if you actually wanted to give critique you would be asking simple questions. But also your “crticism” is turning the idea into garbage so far

your the person which has qualified as a very ignorant person and you never came up with valid resons just wanna blame everyone and everything but not yourself xD and you tell us now, that other ppl are selfish ? xDDD …

i would love to link every post of your other threads in here but this would be to much

This started out by being a simple common sense idea, but so far its ended up where it doesent apply to alpha accounts, it only applies to specific security level, i mean at this point dont even bother and just let things stay the same. OR just give a humble security status increase for killing a criminal, and if someone swears by his negative security status he can just opt out of security status increases as a whole. And then opt back in if and when he wants. Oh and killing the same criminal within a short time frame gives a smaller increase. Thats all. Its so simple man. Lets go

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Finally you said something worth liking

You are not a gatekeeper, nor the forum police, nor the idea police, nor the speech police. I can provide feedback and insight regardless whether I am a cocky son of a ■■■■■ floating on my yacht that has a helipad or a depressed emo teenager living in my parents moldy damp basement.

I’m not turning the idea into anything. I provided feedback to OP, he iterated upon his own idea in light of critiques, and I provided further critiques. He can also just say „noted“ and not address them at all. That’s just how design discussions go. It isn’t all one big circle jerk, it involves evolving and iterating upon ideas and exploring the solution space. If you don’t like the variations of ideas OP is making because they are „garbage“ then complain to him not me.

OP and I were having constructive back and forth. You’ve thoroughly detailed this thread because you don’t like me for some reason on a personal level.

One thing to consider is that a great number of -10 players / Outlaws aren’t in high sec. They are either:

  • Logged off, or
  • In a jump drive capable ship outside of hisec, specifically BLOPS and Capitals/Supercaps.

There is no hunting these players unless you yourself are part of one of the few close-knit capital/supercapital hunting groups in lowsec. And then you’re likely -10 yourself and have tons of other reasons to hunt these ships.

Most ideas posted in this forum are objectively and quantifiably terrible, they get the likes they deserve which is zero.