Player' Flotilla

I know this is against the grain of the “social life” of a MMO.

But I am more a strategy player than a rpg and I am desperately searching for a MMO strategy game that don’t ask me to wait 40 min between 2 in game action. Or ask me to be connected at impossible hours to be there at the time to do the strategic in-game action, like launching new buildings or sending fleet elsewhere intercepting enemies fleet that are purposefully targeting my sleep cycle. Or are just simplistic mobile/web browser trash game.

There is no viable MMO strategy game, as for grand strategy game, well they are not permanent, it end in one full day max.

So my wish is for player flotilla, to be able to command several vessels.

Like maybe before investing in a cruiser, i would prefer to play as a squadron of destroyer. And then as reaching cruiser wealth, keep a few destroyer as escort to protect me against smaller frigate without wasting the medium gun emplacement on light guns.

it would also ease the wealth progression between vessels class as the wealth could be invested in several small ships before having the wealth for a bigger one. And would be better than grinding with 1 destroyer for days ends before having the wealth to buy a cruiser, than then will be very exposed to frigates.

So sure its already possible if i make a guild assemble people, manage them, that they are willing to do the same activity as me, at the same hours and cooperate as a flotilla. But organizing several players this way is both a pain and very boring for them to just follow the fleet orders…

And I heard people just having several clients launched to do this, but come on, that clunky and dirty.

And yes i am preferably a solo strategic player and i am heavily asocial.

Just an output.

Sry for the double post but i wanted to add this video as argument material.

Also in general this youtuber is a source of wisdom about MMO I agree like 9 out of 10. But maybe that my unshared opinion.

I’m not sure what it is you want to tell us with that video, but I heavily disagree with the first point in that video and don’t feel like it’s worth continuing watching that video any further.

“Wrath: it’s a sin to force people to be in a place and interact with others when they do not want to”.

That is the whole premise of EVE online, you’re in a competitive universe playing against other players and any time two players collide, one of the players does not want to be there. Whether it’s because the other is stealing your ore, shooting your ship, undercutting you at the market or destroying your space station, this game creates a lot of situations where people feel heavily about something in the game.

That is not a sin of the game, that’s the basic principle of a competitive PvP game. People who feel like they are forced to be interacting with other players in an MMO and do not want that to happen might do better to play a solo game that is catered to solo play where they don’t have to interact with other players.


In EVE you can command several vessels.

Carriers and Supercarriers can command a wing of fighters, but even at smaller scale ships you can fly multiple ships on your own by multiboxing, which is allowed as long as all your characters have an Omega subscription.

Alternatively you could play EVE like an RTS and command an entire fleet of ships in a fight against an enemy faction, or lead your faction’s industrial production in order to sustain your faction’s losses in that fight, but those things will require interaction with other players. Fleet commanders and Corporation leaders are all playing an RTS game where simple line members (like myself) are the units.

Yep, that’s how many people play. It works well, especially if you have multiple monitors.

Alt-tabbing between the clients indeed feels clunky and isn’t my kind of thing, so I limit myself to the amount of clients that I have monitors: 2.

Maybe i want to:
-Participate in a player driven economy, both by buying and selling on the market.
-Risk myself at a dangerous PvP life in null-sec, for territorial or monetary gain (from abundant precious ore or stealing by gank)

But don’t want to:
-Have to wait for/convince other to allow me to play the game to its fullest.
-Been ganked in my first 5 day of playing, still in high-sec
-Lose 20 hour of isk gain from mission, in a freak mission with impossible odd. Especially in my first 30 hours.

10 omega subscription, That way too much of a price increase for the same isk (or game time winning isk) invested in ships, between 10 destroyer and 1 cruiser.

Well We should also point out that EVE is not for everyone. And we Like It That Way.

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