Player Hiding From Local During Wormhole

How is it possible for a player to not appear on the Local chat? i had mine up watching for any trash interfering in a wormhole scan and the guy who killed me, never appeared on local, The moment i got attacked, i checked local & in fact i kept watching local while in WH but this dude never appeared, how is that possible

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If you don’t talk, you don’t show up.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Pilots do not automatically appear in the local chat users list until they type a message when in WH space


what on earth is mr epeen

The character you just replied to.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Learn the dark arts of the D-Scan, useful in k-space, absolutely vital in the Land of Bob.
EVE Uni has a wormhole campus, maybe check that out? (I read and tried to make sense of their sig/wormhole naming conventions, it seems rather convoluted and overly complex).

Wormholes are unique systems in EVE Online. You may find the EVE Academy: Wormhole Basics and EVE Academy: Wormhole Combat helpful to learn more.

Specifically Local chat works differently in Wormhole (and Pochven) systems. Players do not show up in local chat until they speak.
See Wormholes: Local Chat for more details.

While this isn’t an official EVE Academy video on directional scanning, a player guide here may be helpful: as well as the EVE University: Directional Scanning page.

Lastly, Combat Recon Ships do not show up on d-scan as a bonus for this ship class.


Certain ships do not appear on dscan until you see them on the grid.

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I live inside a wormhole. The first rule about wormholes is, no one talks in local chat. The second rule about wormholes is, what happens in the hole, stays in the hole.


True, however a Broadsword is not one of them…

Who are you calling trash?


Bob’s Rule of thumb: Never talk in WH space local chat. Your name won’t disappear from local until you exit system, and that information is very helpful for hunters.

Demonstrably false given the number of lolwtf killmails posted on Reddit/ Facebook/etc when a j-spacer has some improbably blingy ship asploded.

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if you are getting offended, then people like you

People like me?


Hey friends!


Don’t be rude, whenever you enter a WH say hello to the locals, like this example below:

Honey, I'm home!



Little tip for WH dwellers out there. Make a private chat channel that looks like a link to a ship loss and throw it in local. People can’t help their curiosity.

you still on this topic? jesus

may i suggest to use google before starting a new activity in eve? eve is an old game and many things have been well written
googling eve + wormhole would give you as first choice

where it is litterally written :

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